Worth Visit Tourist Destinations In Chamarajanagar For Travel Lovers

Worth Visit Tourist Destinations In Chamarajanagar For Travel Lovers

Chamarajanagar is a bifurcated town from the Mysore city in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is a southern-most district holding the original name Arikottara. After the born of the Wodeyar king of Mysore, Sri Chamaraja Wodeya, this place was renamed on his name.

Chamarajanagar district borders the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. This town is located at a distance of 185 km from Bangalore.

And, these are some of the tourist destinations that are worth visit in Arikottara.

Chamarajeshwara Temple

chamrajneshwar temple

The Chamarajeshwara Temple is the main temple in the district, which was built during the end of 19th Century. The temple has Shiv Linga inside it that was brought originally constructed and brought from Sringeri.

Bara Chukki

bara-chukki falls

Bara Chukki, located at a distance of 3 km from the Dargah in the Kollegala Taluka is a place known for the rocky valley. In this valley, the eastern stream of Cauvery River flows to form three cascades.

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary


Bandipur wildlife sanctuary in Gundlupet taluk is located at a distance of 52 km from Chamarajanagar. It is situated on the Mysore – Ooty Road. Adjoined with the Mudumalai sanctuary in the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu, the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary of Kerala, and the Nagarhole National Park to the north-west. The place has one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in India.

Biligirirangana Hills Wildlife Sanctuary


BR Hills or Biligirirangana hills Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at a distance of 109 km from Chamarajanagar. The BR hills have a picturesque location between the Kaveri and Kapila rivers at the height of 5,091 ft above sea level.

Some of the important wildlife found here are gaur, sambar, bears, elephants, panthers, tigers and a wide variety of birdlife. This wildlife sanctuary is also famous for the Ranganathaswamy temple where an annual fair happens every April.

Male Mahadeshwara Hills

male mandeshwara temple

Male Mahadeshwara Hills or MM Hills, located at a distance of 94 km from Chamarajanagar is a famous hill station known for Shaiva pilgrim centre. The ancient and sacred temple of Sri Male Mahadeshwara is located here. It is believed that Sri Mahadeshwara Swamy came here to perform penance. According to a tradition, there are seven hills identified in the Puranas as Anumale, Jenumale, Kanumale, Pachchemale, Pavalamale, Ponnachimale and Kongumale that form Male Mahadeshwara Hills.

Hogenakkal Falls

hogennakal falls

Hogenakkal Falls is on the border between the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The name Hogenakkal is derived from the Kannada language; it means smoky rocks. “Hoge” means “smoke” and “Kal” means “rocks”. When the water is falling on the rocks, it looks as if smoke is emanating from the rocks because of the force of the water.

Kanakagiri Hill

kanakagiri hill

Kanakagiri Hill is also known as the Nakayama Shaila, which essentially means a hill in the form of heaven. This hill is located near Maleyur in the Chamarajanagar District and has dense forests with sandalwood.

Srikhetra Kanakagiri has been regarded as one of the holy Jain centres. This is due to the presence of the Nishadi Caves, the Samadhi Mantapas, as well as inscriptions and footprints from the ancient times.

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