What Is The Passport Police Verification Process?

Passport is an official document issued by the government of the country. Along with allowing you to travel internationally it also acts as the biggest proof of citizenship as per the Passports Act of 1967. The offline process to apply for the passport is really time-consuming. Keeping this in mind the Ministry of External Affairs has started the online facility of applying for the passport. The majority of people now apply online for the passport.

After applying online and filling the application form, you will have an appointment booked at the Passport Seva Kendra. After the appointment where they will take your original documents and biometric details and photograph an acknowledgment receipt would be given to you. You are supposed to keep this acknowledgment receipt safely.

Police Verification

After two or three weeks of your appointment date, you will be notified about the initiation of the Police Verification Request for your passport application. The verification will be from the Police Station you must have mentioned while filling up the application form. If by chance you do not receive any notification for the police verification you can always track the status of your passport application form online. The status can be checked on the Passport Seva Kendra’s online portal. Enter your file number and date of birth while checking the status of your passport application.

The police verification will take place at the address mentioned by you in the application form. At the time of police verification, you will be asked for the Photostat of all the documents you submitted at the Passport Seva Kendra or the Regional Passport Office with your application form. Make sure all the documents are arranged in a proper way to avoid inconvenience. Signature, Name, and address of two witnesses are required to be taken on the police verification form issued by the Police Department. The officer who is invigilating will provide you with this form. Within one-two weeks after the clear Police Verification Report, LIU Verification is also to be undergone i.e. Local Intelligence Unit.

Local Intelligence Unit Verification (LIU)

The last step after the Police Verification is Local Intelligence Unit Verification. In this, you will be asked some basic questions about your family, profession, permanent address, fathers/husband’s name and profession etc by a local officer at your residence itself.

Once you clear the Local Intelligence Unit Verification (LIU) your passport will be dispatched to your postal address approximately within a month’s time. You will receive an Email or an SMS as soon as your passport is dispatched with the details of the speed post.

During Police Verification or LIU Verification, you may be asked for some bribe. You should not entertain any bribe at any point in time. The total fee of Rs. 1500 has already been paid while booking your appointment so you do not have to pay any more fees. Refuse to give the bribe and also remember to file a complaint to passport vigilance.

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