What Is Aadhaar-Passport Seva Integration?

Passport is an official document issued by the government of the country. Along with allowing you to travel internationally it also acts as the biggest proof of citizenship as per the Passports Act of 1967.

Whereas Aadhaar Card also by UIDAI i.e. Unique Identification Authority of India is the world’s largest national identification number project. It is a 12 digit unique identity number issued by the government of India after collecting the bio metric details like finger prints and iris scan of the people.

Passport Seva Project

With the objective of making the process of issuing the passport more simple, secure and reliable the government of India has started the Passport Seva Project to digitally integrate with the UID Database for validating the Aadhaar number submitted by the passport applicant as  a proof of identity and proof of address. However, there will be no change in applying for the Passport as well as applying for the Aadhaar Card.

Till now the integration has been successfully carried out in 7 Passport Seva Kendra offices which are:

  1. Delhi – Herald House Passport Seva Kendra
  2. Ahmedabad – Mithakali Passport Seva Kendra
  3. Bangalore – Sai Arcade Passport Seva Kendra
  4. Chandigarh Passport Seva Kendra
  5. Chennai – N M Road Passport Seva Kendra
  6. Vishakhapatnam Passport Seva Kendra
  7. Ranchi Passport Seva Kendra

The integration project was carried further in 5 waves:

  1. Wave 1 (14th August 2015): All PSKs under RPO Amritsar, RPO Bareilly, RPO Bhopal, RPO Dehradun, RPO Ghaziabad, RPO Jaipur and RPO Hyderabad
  2. Wave 2 (19th August 2015): All PSKs under RPO Jalandhar, RPO Thane, RPO Cochin and RPO Trichy
  3. Wave 3 (21st August 2015) – All PSKs under RPO Pune, RPO Raipur, RPO Shimla, RPO Chandigarh, RPO Srinagar, RPO Surat, RPO Malappuram, RPO Trivandrum RPO Chennai and RPO Kolkata
  4. Wave 4 (25th August 2015) – All PSKs under RPO Ahmedabad, RPO Jammu, RPO Lucknow, RPO Bangalore, RPO Kozhikode and RPO Madurai
  5. Wave 5 (27th August 2015) – All PSKs under RPO Mumbai, RPO Nagpur, RPO Patna, RPO Delhi, RPO Bhubaneswar, RPO Coimbatore, RPO Goa, RPO Guwahati and RPO Visakhapatnam

The integration process has many benefits. For example, an individual applying for re-issue of the passport will have to face a lot of less paperwork because he will have a process of the successful match with the Aadhaar Database.

The passport database has more than 60 million valid passports. The Ministry of External Affairs is working in coordination with Unique Identification Authority of India on collecting Aadhaar numbers of the applicants through crowd-sourcing though web-services and SMS and Integrated Voice Response System.

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