What Is Aadhaar Card Registration Fee?

Aadhaar Card by Unique Identification Authority of India i.e. UIDAI is the world largest national identification number project. This 12 digit identity number is a unique proof of identity throughout the country.

The enrollment of Aadhaar Card is free throughout the country. You can go to any Aadhaar Card registration center in the entire country and get your Aadhaar Card made free of cost. You don’t have to pay any fees or charges for it.

Although still it is noted that many Aadhaar Card registration centers are charging fees to the citizens who go there to get there Aadhaar Card made. They are going against the governmental norms of charging no fees.

What if you are asked to pay fees for Aadhaar Card?

If it happens with you, if any Aadhaar Card registration center official asks you to pay charges for Aadhaar Card, you need to report it immediately. Complaint against the center in the district headquarters or district magistrate/deputy commissioner of your area.

Aadhaar card

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