We Bet You Can Never Miss These Tourist Places in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

We Bet You Can Never Miss These Tourist Places in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Bangalore renamed as Bengaluru is one the premium cities in India, Karnataka. It is one of the oldest cities that represent the rich cultural heritage and of the bygone era by accompanying hi-tech and modern era.

Blessed with friendly climatic conditions, the city is pleasant to stay and make visitors experience enjoyable. And, if you visit anytime to Bangalore, you should not miss these tourist destinations that will make your tour worthwhile.

Tipu Sultan Fort


Famous for its architecture, located in the most crowded market area, Tipu Sultan Fort represents the artistic talent prevailed in history. It was originally constructed by Kempegowda using mud bricks in the year 1537. Later on, it was modified by Haider Ali, who used granite stones in the process. Then, in 1791, Tipu Sultan completed it and served as his summer retreat.

Bangalore Palace


Constructed by Chamaraja Wodeyar in the year 1884, this palace is inspired by England’s Windsor Castle. Situated in the city’s centre, Bangalore palace has the Tudor style construction with Gothic windows, wood carvings, and turrets. Standing tall at the 430-acre of land the palace has beautiful gardens and now used to conduct exhibitions and ground events.

Nandi Hills

nandi hills

It is a perfect location to get close to nature. Nandi Hills is counted as one of the hill stations near to the range of 60km from Bangalore with the solid monolithic granite mass offering the best view. At the top of the hill, a famous temple of Nandi is located. Some of the tourist attractions here are Amruth Sarovar, Tippu’s Summer Palace and Fort, Horse Way, Palar origins and Arkavathi rivers, Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple and Tippu Drop.

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens

lalbagh botanical garden

It is one of the most captivating botanical gardens in India. Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens is constructed by Haider Ali and later modified by Tipu Sultan. There is a glass house in the gardens which is inspired by the London Crystal Palace. Spread across 240 acres of land, the garden has above 1800 species of plants, herbs, and trees. The lawn clock in the garden is a major attraction here.

Cubbon Park


Located on 300 acres of land. It was built by Richard Sankey, a chief engineer of Mysore. Lush green parks and vast lawns are well maintained over here. The park offers a beautiful way for walking; it’s a perfect place for relaxing after a long hectic day. Also known as a paradise for walkers, the park has statues of famous personalities and delivers a mesmerising sight when the lights are turned on every evening.

The Government Museum


Built in the year 1886, this government museum houses rare collections of variant periods. Famous for history and archaeology, there are 18 galleries in the museum housing antique jewellery and Neolithic signs of various civilisations, old paintings, and much more.

National Gallery of Modern Art


Are you an art lover? Then, you can not miss this place in Bengaluru. National Gallery of Modern Art has a collection of around 500 paintings. Some of the famous artists whose work are showcased here include Rabindranath Tagore, Raja Ravi Verma, Jamini Roy, and Amrita Shergill. And, for ease of view, all the artworks are labelled and displayed according to the period.

St. Mary’s Basilica, Bangalore


Bengaluru’s oldest church, which is famous for St. Mary’s feast in the September month. In the 17th century, the first foundation was laid and then it was rebuilt to gain its original glorious structure in 1875. The church is the only sixth church in the nation which has been elevated to look like minor basilica. Amazing Gothic architecture, beautiful pillars, stained windows make this church a sight to behold.

Vidhana Soudha

vidhana soudha

Revealing out the stunning glimpse of Indo-Saracenic and Dravidian architecture, Vidhana Soudha is one of the most noted landmarks in Bengaluru. In 1951, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation stone, and it was completed in 1956. For many people, a glance from outside is enough to satisfy them as it has a significance of being the largest legislative building in India. Therefore, many don’t enter the premises even.

Iskcon Temples


One of the largest ISKCON temples in the world, ISKCON Bengaluru is a must visit to experience religious fervour and architectural beauty. The temple organises many activities for Krishna devotees including youth programs, cultural programs, and many festivals. The temple has six separate shrines, out of which, there is a 17 m gold-plated flag post and a 9m gold plated Kailash Shikara.

Chola Temples

chola Temples

Chola dynasty ruled Bengaluru for over a century, and their imprints can be viewed from the many temples built around the city. These temples are more than 1500-years-old and showcase the glorious empire of Cholas in Bengaluru. Some of the Chola temples that can be visited are Old Madiwala Someshwara Temple, Halasuru Someshwara Temple, Domlur Chokkanathaswamy temple and  Sri Ananda Lingeshwara Temple.



The ancient town of Kaivara finds mention in many scriptures. Pandavas stayed here for some time during their exile, and the bilingual saint poet Saint Narayanappa lived here for between the late 18th to the early 19th century. Many of his poems dedicated to Lord Vishnu were composed both in Telugu and Kannada in this city. The Amaranarayana Swamy Temple here is a major attraction for its connection to Lord Venkateshwara of Tripura.

Shivasamudram Falls

shivasamudram falls

The place is famous for having Asia’s first hydroelectric power station. If you love trekking, you would not want to miss this place. To reach this falls, you need to trek a distance of 2 km, and you will enjoy the journey that takes you through lush greenery. The best time to visit the falls is between June and September as you can have a stunning view of the water falling magnificently.

Bannerghatta National Park


This biological park built near the chaotic city of Bengaluru is perfect for wildlife lovers. Bannerghatta National Park aims to promote ecotourism and teach the young generation about the importance of wildlife conservation. A zoo was created in the middle of the beautiful Champakadhama hills Valley inside this Park. A butterfly farm is also a new addition to look forward to.

Apart from all these places, there are many lakes around Bangalore, which adds a scenic beauty threatened by the recent urbanisation of the city.

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