Vidhur Pension Yojana, Rs. 1600 to Widowers: Haryana Government Launches Pension Scheme

Vidhur Pension Yojana, Rs. 1600 to Widowers: Haryana Government Launches Pension Scheme

The Haryana government has announced that it was considering giving monthly cash aids to men who have lost their wives. This is first for a country that traditionally only provides such financial assistance to women only. CM of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar notified the state assembly that the government is seriously considering presenting a pension to widowers in line with the pensions provided to widows.Vidhur Pension Yojana

He added, “The plan was to roll out the changes next year once laws had been amended”.

Local politician Ravinder Macchrouli argued that like widows, husbands also suffer when they lose their loved ones and are entitled to the payments or fiscal assistance. There are no figures on the number of widowers in the state of 27 million people.

Haryana government provides a monthly pension of Rs 1600 to the state’s 650,000 widows every month. But men who lose their wives receive no such cash payout; hence this amendment is to be made in the scheme that shall benefit both the genders thus creating a sense of equality in both the sexes.

A widower who wrote to the local politician Macchrouli had complained that the scheme was unconstitutional as it discriminated on the basis of gender. Most states in India pay monthly cash payments to widows from poorer backgrounds due to concerns that some widows, especially in rural areas, may be discarded by their families who consider them a financial burden.

Features of Vidhur Pension Yojana in Haryana for widowers:

  • This scheme shall provide financial assistance to widowers, who can take benefit of this scheme.
  • Under this scheme, the state government will provide a monthly pension of Rs 1600 to the widower (someone who has lost his wife).
  • This scheme will bring equality between both male and female genders of the state.
  • This is a new and unique scheme for men in the state of Haryana.

Benefits of the scheme:

  • Under the scheme, the state government will provide a monthly pension of 1600 to widower (Man who have lost his wife)
  • The scheme will bring fairness between both the genders.
  • This is a new and unique scheme launched for men in Haryana state.

Eligibility Criteria for Vidhur Pension Yojana in Haryana:

  • A Man who has lost his wife he is eligible for this scheme.
  • The candidate (male) must be a resident of the state of Haryana.

How to Apply for the Scheme:

  • The government will soon issue directives to the officials to launch the scheme in the entire state from next financial year
  • After, the process for application will start in the Haryana state & applicant can able to apply for Vidhur Pension Yojana.

This scheme really stands clear on the “right to equality” of the fundamental rights of Indian citizens- stating that if a woman can get the pension after the death of her husband then why not a man. Haryana would be the first state in India to launch such type of a scheme for men, where monthly pension of Rs. 1600 to the widower.

For further assistance, one can visit the Haryana government website: 

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