UPI Android App – RBI UPI App for SBI, PNB, Union Bank & Others

UPI Android App

Download the UPI Android App for SBI, PNB, ICICI, Union Bank or Any other Bank. Direct Links are available to Download the UPI App for Android Play Store and iOS UPI App from Apple Store.


SBI UPI App Launched (Link Updated)

SBI and HDFC to Accept UPI Payments

Here we have good news for all the people! Now money transfer is going to be very easy. Through the banking apps, banks are now providing UPI service. You will be able to create unique ID’s using UPI app, through which you can send or transfer money. This process will be as quite simple as sending an email. You can just enter the unique UPI id of a sender, the amount to be transferred and that’s all. We are now going to provide you with the direct links to download the UPI Android Application.

Unified Payment Interface is the latest extension of the Online Banking system in the country. Earlier, NEFT and IMPS were the methods of online money transfer. The UPI app launch was announced on Thursday i.e. 25th August 2016. Initially, 21 Banks participated, but now others are also joining. In this article, we have covered every detail regarding the UPI App, guides to download and app installation, and finally, help you to make transactions using this app.


Before any further, please clarify this thing that there is no single app for UPI. Every bank has released a separate app for UPI. It means that if you have accounts in two bank accounts, you need to download the particular bank UPI Apps.

If you want to skip and go to the download, then you can check the links at the end, or you can continue reading more about the application.


The online money transfer system before the UPI app was done either via NEFT, of transactions are IMPS or RTGS. For understanding clearly, let’s find out the differences.

NEFT – NEFT transactions can be made during the bank hour, of the operations are made. One must provide the Account number, IFSC Code and Bank address details before proceeding. The credit process takes almost 1 hour

RTGS – RTGS takes place in real time. The minimum transaction amount is 2 lakhs. The amount is credited within 30 minutes of the operation.

IMPS – IMPS is instant. The sent amount is credited instantly. However, to make use of IMPS, users must register and Get MMID from the bank branch. Both parties must have MMID’s for a successful transaction. The maximum amount that can be sent using IMPS is Rs. 2 Lakhs.

How is UPI Application Different? 

Now the question arises, how UPI i.e. Unified Payment Interface is different from NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS.

  • No need to type credit card details, IFSC codes, passwords, etc.
  • No more wait for the beneficiary to be approved.
  • Bank Account details are not required.
  • Per transaction, a limit is Rs. 1 Lakh.
  • It works on the “unique id” system. This unique ID is called UPI -ID.
  • A user only needs Smartphone and Mobile app to Send or receive money. (User should get registered first).
  • This service will be available 24*7.
  • Transactions can be made to any users who have a smartphone with UPI enabled the app.


The most important step to take advantage of this facility is registrations. Here are the steps –

  • The user needs a Smartphone and should download Bank’s UPI App from Play Store.
  • Once the app is downloaded and installed successfully, you should open the app and click on registration option.
  • During this one-time registration process provide your Bank details and your mobile number
  • Now, based on your information your Unique ID i.e. UPI-ID will be created
  • Now this UPI-ID will be used to make transactions i.e. send or Receive Money.

Note – Please note that the other party must also possess the UPI-ID. If you have to send money just enter the UPI-ID of the person and send the money. If you are interested in receiving the money give your UPI-ID to the individual who is sending you the money.

Benefits of the UPI App –

  • Instant Third Party Payments, No need to add a beneficiary and wait till the approval.
  • This facility is available 24*7.
  • Now the Recharges, Transfers will be faster than before.
  • The process is completely Hassle free.
  • The UPI App is Trustworthy and Highly Secure.


UPI Apps for iOS will be launched soon. Stay tuned! We will keep you updated with direct link here.


Name UPI App Download Link from Play Store
State Bank of India (SBI) UPI App Download Now
Punjab National Bank (PNB) UPI App Download Now
Union Bank UPI App Download Now
United Bank of India Download Now
Vijaya Bank Download Now
UCO Bank Download Now
Andhra Bank Download Now
ICICI Bank Download Now
Canara Bank Download Now
Bank of India *Coming Soon*
Bank of Baroda *Coming Soon*
South Indian Bank Download Now
Karnataka Bank Download Now
TJSB Sahakari Bank Download Now
Catholic Syrian Bank Download Now
Bank of Maharashtra Download Now
DCB Bank Download Now
Federal Bank Download Now

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