Travel Locations Of Haveri That You Should Not Miss On Trip To Karnataka

Travel Locations Of Haveri That You Should Not Miss On Trip To Karnataka

An epitome of rich culture and heritage of a bygone era, Haveri is a city in Karnataka, which was a core area of western Chalukyan activity. Old temples, Sanctuaries, and Tanks all add up a unique charm to the beauty of Haveri.

Haveri district occupies position exactly at the centre of Karnataka. It’s spread across an area of 4848sq. Km. At a distance of about 335km from Bangalore. Also famous as the ‘place of snakes’, Haveri was once a part of undivided Dharwad district. And, so far it is well known for cardamom, Byadagi red chillies, and some of the places that are must take a look at.

Siddhesvara Temple

siddeshwara temple

A classic example of Western Chalukyan art, this temple locates since the reign of Armadi Vikramaditya in 1109 AD. Siddhesvara Temple contains sculptures of various Hindu gods and goddesses. Inside the huge mandapa, one can find beautifully carved figures of Uma and Mahesvara (Lord Shiva and his consort Uma), Vishnu and Lakshmi, Ganapati and Kartikeya, and the Sun God Surya among others. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple enshrines a Shivalinga.

An interesting aspect of the temple is that it faces the west, which is a deviation from the east-facing standard maintained in Chalukyan architecture style.

Galageshwar Temple

galageshwar temple haveri

Situated at a distance of 40 km from Haveri is the village of Galaganatha (formerly known as Palluni) where you will find the temple of Galageshwar. This temple takes you back to the era of the Kalyana Chalukyas through its splendid architecture. The large temple is based on a star-shaped foundation and was built in the 11th century. The huge hall of the temple had a massive Shivalinga and adorned with idols of various deities like Vishnu, Ganapati, Mahishasura Mardhini, Saraswati, Surya, and others.

Tarakeshwara Temple


Dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, the Tarakeshwar Temple at Haveri attracts visitors due to its incredible structure. This 12th-century temple is decorated with lovely carved images, pillars, and the beauty of miniature representing both Dravidian and Nagara style adorning the outer walls of the temple. A large domed ceiling towers over the main hall of the temple. It exhibits concentric circles of cusped mouldings and has an intricately designed rosette at the apex.

Nagareshvara Temple


A 12th-century edifice in Haveri, Nagareshvara temple reflects the Chalukyan style of architecture. Also known by the name of Aravattukambhada Gudi, this temple is housed in the ruins of Bankapura fort. In the medieval period, it was considered to be one of the important fortifications in the region of Karnataka.

The main attractions of this temple are sixty pillars, and a huge storage tank carved out of single stone. And, now it is protected by the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) to ensure the national importance of this monument.

Heggeri Kere

heggeri kere

Spread across 100 acres, the historic tank, Heggeri Kere is a major attraction in Haveri. Situated just 2 km from the district, the container resembles a sea when you spot it from the National Highway-4. During winter, one can admire various migratory birds that flock to the tank.

Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary


The Bankapura Peacock Sanctuary lies 22 km from Haveri in the Bankapura village. The bird sanctuary offers shelter to over 1,000 peacocks over time. Spread across 139 acres, it has the remains of the historic Bankapura Fort.

It is one of the few biological reserves in the country that are exclusively engaged in the conservation and breeding of peacocks. It’s high mounds, and deep trenches provide a natural habitat for the birds. Apart from the peacocks, you can also spot woodpecker, great horned owl, robin, babbler, magpie, parakeet, Kingfisher, paradise flycatcher, and a variety of other birds in the sanctuary.


bydagi red chilli market

Around 15 km from Haveri, Byadagi Red Chillies are famous here and belongs to this region. Inscriptions about the Rashtrakuta King Krishna II (901 AD) were also found here.


Savanur Baobab Tree

Savanur is about 35 km from Haveri. The Nawab’s palace, ruins of the fort and mosques are few attractions at Savanur. A great scholarly saint Shri Satyabodha Teertha’s Brindavana is present at Savanur. The annual fair of Sathyabodhasvami Mutt during Phalguna Krishna Pratipat (March/April) attracts a huge crowd.



Located at a distance of 26 km from Haveri, Ranibennur is popularly known as Gateway of Northern Karnataka. Ranibennur is a taluk famous for its abundant commodity market. Products like cotton yarn, cotton seed, oil seeds, red chillies and betel nut are openly traded here. The famous temple in Ranibennur is “Basavanna Temple” located in Doddapete. The tomb of a Muslim Saint, Hazrat Jamal Shah is also famous here. The “Adavi Hanumappa” Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is located few kilometres outside the region of Ranibennur.

Kanaka Dasa’s Home (Fort and Palace)

kanaka dasa fort and palace

Around 26km from Haveri, you will reach Baada village, which is the home of Kanaka Dasa. Baada is a  birthplace of this 16th-century devotee, poet, and composer. He was an inspirational personality who wrote about 240 Karnataka music compositions and five major works. His Ramadhanyacharitre is a rare work on class struggle. One can also visit the remains of a palace and other artefacts belonging to Kanaka Dasa that were found during an excavation.

Blackbuck Sanctuary


For wildlife enthusiasts, the Blackbuck Sanctuary is a must visit destination near Ranibennur. This protected sanctuary is spread across 125 acres and has over 6,000 black bucks. The sanctuary is also famous for its population of the highly endangered great Indian bustard and the wolf. Other mammals at the sanctuary include fox, porcupine, wild pig, jackal, pangolin, langur, etc.

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