Travel Destinations That Are Must Visit In Solan

Places to visit in Solan 

Solan, a city in Himachal Pradesh known for its vast agricultural production of tomatoes and mushrooms. Often named as “Mushroom city of India”, and the “City of red gold”, Solan is the largest town in the state of Himachal. The city contains a fine brew of culture, arts, religion, and history. Earlier, being a Burkha capital, it was formerly known as the Princely state of Bhagat.

With the huge number of forts, monuments, temples, and various other places it has the tourism ability ot attract anyone. Here are some of the travel destinations that are must visit in Solan.

Karol Tibba


One of the famous attraction at Solan that is adjoined with Meteol Tibba. The names Karol ad Meteol refer to two peaks located in the Himalayas. More of it, the mountains are frequently visited picnic spots and can only be viewed from Solan. Karol Tibba also includes places of historical and religious importance.

Mohan Shakti National Park

mohan heritage national park

Mohan Shakti National Park is one of the picturesque location on the foothills of Himalayas. The park offers an amazing hill view of the surrounding mountains. Thick oak trees and terraced gardens along with several temples and sculptures of various Hindu deities are similar to Akshardham temple in Delhi.

The Mall Road

mall road

The main shopping area of Solan, the Mall road is the place for shopping best of handicrafts, art work, and various food items of Solan along with a plethora of other things. It is an Indian style bazaar that contains various shops and showrooms of the world-class brands, products, and bookstores. And, if you are anytime in Solan, then a day at Mall road is a must to buy a souvenir or just a happening visit.

Kuthar Fort

kuthar fort solan

Believed to be around 800-years-old, Kuthar Fort is the oldest historical monument in the region of Solan. The fort is spread over a large area with some fresh water springs. With a beautiful and ancient architecture, there are also few monuments that are worth to check out.

Shoolini Mata Temple


A temple dedicated to Shoolini Mata after whom the town was named. Shoolini Mata Temple is one of the prime attraction in Solan and said to be built on the ruins of an ancient temple the existence of which is presumed before the town of Solan. Especially, during the fair in June, it is frequented by a large number of visitors.

Motilal Nehru Central State Library

One and the only central state library in Himachal Pradesh, located on the mall road in Solan. Motilal Nehru Central State Library was established in 1959 and named after famous Indian fighter, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Solan Brewery

solan brewery

The Solan Brewery is amongst the oldest breweries in the country that started back in 1855. Now, it’s converted into a distillery. Established by an Englishman, it is now run by Mohan Meaking Ltd.  It is located very close to the Solan railway station.

Menri Monastery

menri monastery

This is also one of the oldest monasteries in India. The Menri Monastery is also one of the most colourful places in Solan. One who wants to celebrate calmness, spirituality, and Buddhism in this commercial town of Solan can be here.

With an exemplary culture and tradition, Solan is also known as unique cuisines, abundant natural resources, and a large variety of flora and fauna found in the Himalayan region.

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