TRAI to Provide Wi-Fi Service at Just Rs. 21 Per-1GB Data across India

TRAI to Provide Wi-Fi Service at Just Rs. 21 Per-1GB Data across India

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come up with plans for high-speed Wi-Fi service across the nation. TRAI plans to provide Wi-Fi on two paise per MB compared to the ten paise per MB rate of the telecom market. It means one GB data will be available for Rs 21 approximately.

TRAI will take the help of small entrepreneurs, content and service providers to give high-speed Wi-Fi to customers. TRAI trusts that in addition to Telecom Networks, the internet can be made available through Wi-Fi in other parts of the country.

If this scheme of TRAI is implemented successfully, people will be able to get one GB data in 20.48 in future, which would decrease the load on telecom companies that impacts on call quality and internet speed.

TRAI Proposal for Public Wi-Fi

  • In the consultation paper, TRAI has very logically attempted to address few vital concerns regarding public Wi-Fi, across India.
  • First being cost associated. TRAI has specifically said that public Wi-Fi incurs per MB cost of just 2 paise, whereas under various 3G/4G plans by telecom firms, consumers incur an average charge of 23 paise per MB.

Advantages of the TRAI Wi-Fi scheme

Under TRAI Wi-Fi scheme

  • People would be able to get 1 GB high-speed data in Rs 20.48 if the scheme works.
  • Even people of those areas will get Wi-Fi where telecom companies are unable to provide access.
  • In order to increase Wi-Fi access, TRAI released a consultation paper in July last year.
  • Another advantage of this scheme would be that if this service will be provided in those areas where telecom companies cannot provide the internet then the users can also avail the benefits of the internet in these areas.

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