Traditional Indian Markets You Can’t Afford to Miss

If you want to feel and experience India, you should visit the monuments but if you want to take with you a bit of the country itself then you should visit the local and traditional markets of the country. There are a number of authentic markets where you can actually see a number of things which might surprise and allure you. Whichever way, it will be an unforgettable experience.


Floating vegetable market

Source: Kashmir

Now, who would want to buy vegetables from a market as a tourist? But what if I tell you that this is a floating market where you can shop on a boat? Floating vegetable market in Srinagar will give you the exact same experience. There are a number of vegetable vendors who sells vegetables on a shikara in Dal lake. Not only this but even buyers travel on a shikara itself. This is an absolutely different experience for anyone and who knows, you might end up buying some vegetables too.


Lakkar Bazaar

Source: maps.mapmyindia

Lakkar Bazaar loosely translates to wooden market in English. And so, if you are interested in wooden showpieces, jewelry or handicrafts then Lakkar Bazaar, Shimla is the most appropriate place to be. Lakkar Bazaar showcases different types of wood in Himachal Pradesh which will completely amaze you. Famous Kullu shawls and woolens are a must buy from this market.


Chor Bazaar Mumbai

Source: PinkPeppercorn

Chor Bazaar translates as a market of thieves in English. It is one of the largest markets of the country. The original name of the market was Shor (Market) but because of the ill pronunciation of British, it gradually became Chor Market. And with the name, it got the same reputation too. Gradually, stolen items started finding its way here. Today it’s famous for antique items and second-hand items. Legend says if you have lost something, you can possibly find it again at Chor Bazaar.


Chandni Chowk

Source: India the Destiny

It is possible that you might have heard this name in movies because. This market is actually very popular. In this huge market, you can find almost everything. There is a common saying about this market that ‘if you can’t find something in Chandni Chowk, it doesn’t exist’. There are multiple eateries too which serves the best food in the town like Paranthe wali Gali, Kake di Hatti, Shiv Mishthan Bhandar, etc.


Khari Baoli

Source: Delhipedia

A heaven for all the spice lovers. Khari Baoli situated in Old Delhi near Red Fort is Asia’s largest wholesale spice market and it contains a variety of spices, herbs, nuts, rice, and tea. It is operating since the 17th century and is in the bucket list of all spice lovers from around the world.


Flea Markets in Goa

Source: Treebo

If you are ready to bargain hard, flea markets such as Anjuna Wednesday flea markets, Arpora night markets, etc. has some great deals for you where you can buy things like handicrafts, jewelry, book, spices, clothes, etc.  Stunning view and shopping in Goa, what more can one wish for?


Ima market

Source: Nerdy Adventuress

Ima market at Imphal is the only market in India which is entirely controlled by women. This market is 100 years old and is the perfect symbol of women’s equality. Ima Keithel means mother’s market which is why no man is allowed in the market as a seller. However, they are free to come as customers. You can buy products like local handicraft, bamboo products, and food items here.


Laad Bazaar

Source: LBB

Laad bazaar which is also called choodi bazaar is very popular for bangles. Located near Char Minar, this bangle market contains a variety of beautiful and mind bobbling bangles that will force you to buy at least a set or two. Revise everything that you have learned about your bargaining skills ever at this market since you will require them here, big time.


Kannauj Market

Source: RailYatri Blog

Kannauj is often called the perfume capital of India. That’s’ because this market produces fragrant oils of around 650 different varieties. These perfumes are purely natural without any alcohol content. These perfume oils called ‘attar’ is so popular all around the world that various famous brands such as Givenchy X series oil, Nina Ricci, etc have produced analogies for them.


Mahidharpura Diamond Market

Source: CNN Travel

You’ll be absolutely amazed to see how people deal with diamonds at this market in Surat. They handle and deal with diamonds like we deal with groceries. And so you will also see people carrying a large amount of money with them. And just for your knowledge, you can actually bargain on these diamonds the way you bargain on groceries.

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