These Wonderful Tourist Places In Meghalaya Will Give You Serious Travel Goals to Visit

Tourist Places to Visit In Meghalaya 

A beautiful state in the northeast of India, Meghalaya has a meaning “The abode of clouds” in Sanskrit. The state covers an approximate area of 22,430 Sq. Km. with a population estimated around 3,211,474.

Carved out of Assam, this full-fledged state is now one of the most loved tourist places in India. Majestic hills, spectacular waterfalls, dense forests, and food of Mangoloid tribes define the authenticity of Meghalaya even better. Because of several natural bounce and valleys, it remains to one of those rare locations that can be visited all year round.

It houses some of the major cities with variant spots that are worth to explore for every visitor in Meghalaya.



The capital city of Meghalaya, Shillong is famous for its spectacular beauty. Famous as the ‘Scotland of the East’ it resembles the Scottish valleys, and landscape that has to be visiting for once. The only hill station in India, which has accessible routes from all sides. Shillong Peak, Elephant falls, Laitlum Canyons, Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Cultures are some of the major attractions to visit here. Whereas waterfalls and other places like Mawlyngbna, Mawlynnong Waterfalls, Sweet Falls, Spread Eagle Falls, Mawphlang Falls, Mawphlang Sacred Forest, Mawjymbuin Cave, India Orchidarium, Botanical Garden, Lady Hydari Park, Crinoline Falls, David Scott Trail, Ward’s Lake, and Umiam Lake are beautiful to capture for travellers.



Cherrapunji holds the position of being the second wettest place on earth. With rich offerings of mother nature in this land, you are sure to find Cherrapunji as a synonym of heaven on earth. The city is also the only place in the country to receive rainfall round the year. Nohkalikai Falls, Krem Phyllut Cave, Mawsmai Cave, Mawmluh Cave, Dain-Thlen Falls, Kynrem Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls, Eco Park, Cherrapunji Theological College, Thangkharang Park, Khoh, and Ramhah or Basket of the Giant are few of the chief attractions in Cherrapunji.


Simsang river

A dream destination for nature lovers, bird watchers and adventure seekers. Williamnagar has unexplored forests and stunning greenery that makes it the most sought after destination. It is a perfect place to unwind soul. Simsang River, Napak Lake, Naka-Chikong, Domre Falls, and Tasek Lake are some of the top destinations in Williamnagar. Apart from all, best for hiking and trekking when it comes to adventure seekers.



Everything about this town is beautiful. As when it comes to nature, with no exception to the rule of Meghalaya, one can concern this place. Many regions of Tura and the valley at the foothills of Tura haven’t seen human footprints. Such is the depth and abundance of sources here. Balpakram National Park, Tura Peak, Arbella Peak, Nokrek National Park, Pelga Falls, Naphak Lake, Siju Caves, Wadagokgre, Rongbangdare Waterfalls, and Imilchang Dare Falls are some of the popular destinations to visit in Tura.

For feeding a soul with phenomenal experience of the natural environment, Meghalaya can be a best of choice for every tourist to visit.

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