Skill Development courses for defense personnel

Skill Development courses for defense personnel


There are various schemes launched for the people of India in various sectors. A new scheme has come up for the Skill Development courses for defense personnel. This scheme is launched by the central government.

Under the Scheme:

Under this scheme, the retired army service person will get skill development training. The introduction of skill development courses for defense personnel who are on the verge of retirement and ex-servicemen and the two should use those to the full.

The information is provided by the Lt.Gen. P.M. Hariz. Addressing ex-servicemen at the ex-servicemen rally for Dakshin Bharat Area, organized by the Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington, Lt.Gen. P.M. Hariz told the media the following aspects of the scheme.

  • The objective of the scheme: The objective of the scheme was to gain skill and make a living once the servicemen retire. The Government has planned to extend it to ex-servicemen too who have retired in the recent past.
  • This scheme is in addition to the placement cell the Government had opened for the ex-defense personnel
  • The scheme works for the welfare of the ex-servicemen

At the Madras Regimental Centre:

  • The Madras Regimental Centre had organized the event for ex-servicemen in the Nilgiris, Coimbatore and Tirupur districts
  • This event was organized to provide awareness on services and facilities available at various defense establishments
  • Also, it focused on sorting out pension- and health benefits- related problems.

More than 3,000 ex-servicemen participated in the rally, said a release from the organizers and added that the officers honored disabled war veterans and Second World War veterans as well.

Such schemes have formerly been devised for the ex-servicemen so that they would not feel left out. Also, various reservations are also there for them and their children in various fields.

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