Services provided by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

Services provided by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) is a state-owned company that runs transport services within the Indian state of Telangana, formed in 2014 by splitting the Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation.

Telangana State Road Transport Corporation
Telangana State Road Transport Corporation


“Telangana State Road Transport Corporation has launched 100 new services to neighboring states generating additional annual revenue of Rs 65 crore”, says G V Ramana Rao, Managing Director of TSRTC.

TSRTC launches AC Buses- ‘VAJRA’

Mini AC buses called “Vajra” for maneuvering between Hyderabad- Warangal, and Hyderabad – Nizamabad.

  • Online ticket booking and mobile app ticket booking for these mini-AC buses for speedy travel
  • Modernization of bus stations
  • Cashless transaction system in all 112 services in Siddipet depot and Point of Sales (PoS) machines in Mahatma Gandhi bus station and in Siddipet bus station
  • Wi-Fi internet connectivity at 10 major bus stations across the state
  • Four city bus stations in Hyderabad
  • 75 metro luxury AC buses

Use of IT in TSRTC

TSRTC focuses on the following:

  • Computerized operations and maintenance processes,
  • Online reservation system
  • Electronic ticket issuing machines for all the services of the corporation.
  • Centralized Integrated System (CIS) to migrate and integrate all the current IT modules into an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.
  • About 1,180 drivers operated Ticket Issuing Machines (TIMs) and 11,034 Conductor TIMs are being used in the Corporation.
  • Updating of the computerized Bus Pass Project
  • Automatic fare collection systems in buses with smart cards
  • Vehicle Tracking & Passenger Information System (VT&PIS) in 1951 vehicles.

Areas TSRTC has invested in making the corporation better

  • The government of Telangana has provided a fund of Rs. 350 crore for 2016-17 as financial help for acquiring of 1,436 buses including minibusses towards replacement and intensification.
  • TSRTC has also invested Rs. 23 crore for introduction of mini AC buses to be operated from residential localities in Hyderabad, Warangal, and Nizamabad and
  • 25 crore for use of 136 mini non-AC buses in rural areas for better connectivity.
  • 17.5 crore for modernization of Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, Jubilee Bus Station, and Karimnagar Bus Stations
  • Construction of modern bus station at Khammam Bus Station at the cost of Rs. 15 crores.

TSRTC launches parcel service

TSRTC has introduced RTC parcel service. RTC has 37 per cent of the buses catering to the requirements of interior villages in Telangana where there is no service by private vendors.

The TSRTC Corporation is working on a two-branched strategy.

  • One, to provide facility for people to directly book parcels to be transported by RTC;
  • Second, to have a tie-up with private players who will transport parcels up to certain points in towns and from there the RTC would move them to the interior villages.

The TRSTC is likely to fix the rate for parcels based on the weight and the distance they need to be carried.

Visit the website to have a look on the updates of TSRTC.

Telangana state road Transport Corporation’s website:


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