Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

The country has been a patriarchal society since long. Women empowerment has sprung as a need to conserve and help womanhood. Many females are now great entrepreneurs. The central government is also helping women to nurture their aspirations of becoming businesswomen. To increase and uplift the participation of women in entrepreneurship, the central government has launched a new scheme for women entrepreneurs.

Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs
Scheme for Women Entrepreneurs

The government is working on ‘Start Up India’ initiative which will give women entrepreneurs a chance to build and live up to their dreams. The government has worked on Startup India Plans for women in this fiscal year.  These plans have focused on providing women with opportunities to make them independent entrepreneurs; the government has tied up with few US technology giants with the funding support of Rs 100 crore for the initiative.

 About the Scheme:

  • ‘NITI Aayog’ has finalized the scheme to promote the participation of women in the workforce.
  • The scheme was disclosed on 1 April 2017 with the initial funding of Rs. 100 crore.
  • This scheme will help and encourage women to become entrepreneurs in the field of technology with the coordinated efforts by the government and NASSCOM.

The initial stage of the scheme:

Primarily, to see how the scheme works, the ‘Start Up India’ scheme for women was launched in 10 cities to make it result oriented. The scheme is developed to address the concern of increasing women engagement in entrepreneurship with the help of government funding and venture capital funding to nurture the business ideas brought by women.

Steps taken by the Indian Government:

  • The Central Government has consulted to NASSCOM and discussed with the US-based technology giants, including Facebook and Google to give a full-bodied backing to the StartUp scheme for the women in India.
  • The program will function as a platform for women to achieve their dreams of becoming an employer.
  • NITI Aayog is working on the 15-years Vision Document draft for the scheme with key reforms which would enable women participation in various sectors such technology and more.

Under this initiative taken by the Indian Government, it is collecting the stories of successful women entrepreneurs for providing inspiration and encouragement to other women participants to build and develop their dreams and turn them into reality. The scheme will be a force multiplier to achieve the Goal 5 of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goal), besides stimulating general growth in the country for women, so the country grows as a whole.

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