Reliance Jio 4G

Reliance Communications is an Indian Internet access and telecommunications company with its headquarters in Mumbai. It provides CDMA, GSM (Voice, 2G, and 3G) mobile services and broadband and DTH services. Currently, it is the fourth largest telecom operator in India with average subscribers of 109.90 million.

Reliance has now come up with Reliance Jio where customers can get 10 GB of 4G data only in Rs 93. This special offer is currently available for RCom CDMA customers with select plans. Nearly 90 percent of reliance subscribers who use reliance 4G would be eligible to use this special offer. It is the least expensive 4G plan when compared to other 4G plans provided by other telecommunications company. The band spectrum used in 850 MHz.

Key features of Reliance Jio

  1. This will work together with My Jio system to help keep their smartphones organized and customized with proper access features. This allows them to do the most with their connections.
  2. The JioBeats system will also play a major role in this service. The JioBeats system lets people load up and play back all sorts of online music files.
  3. JioOnDemand will also offer quick videos that will be really easy to upload. The videos will be off latest in music, sports, news and much more.
  4. JioExpress News also works with the 4G CDMA network to give a person quick news updates on everything that is of interest to them.
  5. JioDrive will allow people to save various amounts of data on the cloud network. The 4G CDMA network lets people quickly get access to the assorted amounts of data that are on the cloud network so people can easily load up more items at a time.
  6. People can even spend the money they save with the JioMoney system. This links people payment information to different vendors.

This new service is expected to be in twelve different coverage areas. These will cover the various parts of the country including Mumbai, Kolkata, and Delhi among others.

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