Rajdharaa – Now Find Location Anywhere in Rajasthan

Rajdharaa – Now Find Location Anywhere in Rajasthan

Find your ways, locate places, and connect with the efficient infrastructure through the map specified for every area of the state of Rajasthan at Rajdharaa online portal. Mobile app launching soon.  

rajdharaa online mapRajasthan government has come up with the statewide unified gateway for spatial decision support system. Rajdharaa official website is launched by the government of Rajasthan to make an efficient and integrated GIS infrastructure of the state to sanction good governance, sustainable development, citizen empowerment and to maintain a Statewide standardised GIS assets.

Objective of Rajdharaa

The prime aim of establishing Rajdharaa is to develop a state-wide web based GeoPortal to obtain, process, store, distribute and improve the utilisation of geospatial data based on OGC standards and develop Data Clearing House. This part would be a gateway of spatial data being generated by various agencies of the Rajasthan government. The proposed system would have policies, framework, hardware, Software, application, data, modelling, and methods specified that deals with contiguous referenced and geographically tagged/linked data/information as well as non-spatial data for creating multi-dimensional decision support system. It would provide a single window service to people to increase the effectivity and productivity of all departmental agencies such as Health & Medical, Police, Utilities, Electricity & Power, Commercial Taxes, Water Resources, Education, Forestry, Agriculture, Urban Development, etc.

The government of Rajasthan is also planning to initially develop 3D Models and virtual walkthroughs of various historical monuments, heritage infrastructure, famous buildings, and new as well old colonies. It would enable different Line Departments like Urban Development, Town Planning, PWD, etc. to create prototypes of comprehensive infrastructure development, transportation planning, cadastral (survey) and land planning, town planning, modelling and impact assessments in 3D GIS surrounding. The proposed 3D City model will be amalgamated with Rajdharaa for providing a seamless view of the developed 3D models on Web.

Benefits of Rajdharaa

There are certain advantages that you can have from the official website of Rajdharaa:

  1. You can look out for the location of your area, district, or village in the map specified on the site.
  2. In all over the Rajasthan, you can search for road or way to your destination.
  3. You can also find the distance between the two locations anywhere in Rajasthan.
  4. Citizens can locate nearby Banks, police stations, hospitals, schools, ATM, cinema hall, hotels, petrol pump, etc. in any area of Rajasthan.
  5. There is also an option to share and like the location in the portal.

And, very soon, the mobile app is also going to launch to provide the completely facilitate the use of Rajdharaa to the people. To have a look and for the details click here.

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