Rajasthan Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana

Rajasthan Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana

The State Government of Rajasthan has come up with a new and ambitious scheme named ‘Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana’ which shall provide 24 hours electricity to the rural areas across of the state. This impressive scheme is based on the name of honorable Deendayal Upadhyaya who was the famous Political Philosopher in India. This scheme is one of the first schemes started by the Central Government of Narendra Modi.

Aims of Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana Rajasthan

  • The main objective of this scheme is to solve the power supply problems lastingly that are faced by the major rural areas of Rajasthan.
  • The Ministry of power supply launched this new scheme and made sure to fulfill the demand of electricity in Rajasthan.
  • The circulation network’s investment is very low because the financial health of the distribution companies is bad.
  • Due to the same, the distribution network investment is very low.
  • The power supplying network needs to be made stronger than ever.
  • Rajasthan Government has introduced this Yojana to fulfill the above requirements.
  • By this scheme, people of rural areas would get 24 hours electricity supply benefits.

Facilities of Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana

  • This scheme has been started by the state government of Rajasthan with an aim of providing 24 hours continuous electricity supply across the state.
  • This is a large-scale scheme launched by the Rajasthan state government.
  • Under this scheme, the electricity distribution system of Rajasthan will improve.
  • This scheme will provide 24-hour non-stop electricity supply across the state.
  • By this scheme, electricity would be supplied to those areas that are deprived of electricity.
  • Under this scheme, the electricity supply struggle will be solved perpetually and electricity would be given to the rural areas of the state.

Benefits under Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana:

  • Under this scheme, 24-hour electricity supply would be provided across the state so that there would no village remain deprived of electricity.
  • By proper electricity supply, farmers can use the latest techniques for cropping.
  • By this farmers would have a more developed lifestyle.
  • It will help children and students in their study as by having a regular electricity supply, they can avoid the use of artificial light.

Rajasthan State Electricity Status:

The electricity status of Rajasthan in the year 2013 was 1400 lac units per day. Whereas coming to 2014 there were 2100 Lac units were supplied on a daily basis. Recently power cuts affected many people, especially farmers of Rajasthan. That is why Rajasthan Government starts Deendayal Gram Roshni Yojana for their ease.

PM Modi on the Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana:

PM Modi has discussed Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana in Digi Dhan Mela. The digi dhan mela was organized on date 30th December in New Delhi. Moreover, PM also focused on the importance of cashless and digital way of sending and receiving money. Therefore, it is significant for all that we make e-transactions.

A brief about the Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana:

Scheme Name Deendyal Gram Roshni Yojana
Launched In Rajasthan State
Motive of Scheme To Provide 24 Hour Electricity in the State
Under Ministry of Power Supply Rajasthan
Firstly Launched in Village Nedan
Firstly Inaugurated By Mr. Saitan Singh Rathore (MLA)


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