Pradhan Mantri Digital India Program

Pradhan Mantri Digital India Program

What is Digital India?

Digital India is a campaign is a movement to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically. This would be achieved by improving the online structure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in the field of technology. This is launched by the Government of India for rendering the above services to the Indian citizens. This program has been envisioned by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DEITY).

Launching the Digital India program officially at Indira Gandhi National Stadium on 1 July 2015, PM Narendra Modi said that it is time for India to move to mobile governance, to deliver services and facilities through mobile phones and the Internet. Digital India is an ambitious program of the Government of India to empower Indians through the electronic and on-line media, to create a countrywide digital infrastructure to serve the people of the country.

digital india program
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This initiative of making the country digital includes plans to connect rural areas with high-speed internet networks. Digital India consists of three core components.

  • The creation of digital structure
  • Supply of services digitally
  • Digital literacy

The objective of the Digital India Program

The aim of the Digital India program:

  • To transform the country into a digitally powerful society and knowledge economy.

It is in accordance with the important decisions taken on the format of the program during the prime minister’s meeting on 7th August 2014 on the Digital India program and to make all the Government’s Ministries aware about this huge program which puts light on all the areas of the government.

This program will be implemented in a phased manner from 2015 to 2018. The Digital India program involves transformations, which will ensure that government services are available electronically to the citizens.

Currently, the source of funds for most e-governance projects is through the budgetary provisions of the concerned Ministries / Departments in the State or the State Governments. The requirements of the fund for the project (s) of Digital India will be assessed by the respective nodal ministries/departments.


Under the Digital India Program

  • Priming India for a knowledgeable future
  • For realizing the change – IT (Indian Talent) + IT (Information Technology = IT (India Tomorrow)
  • Centralizing technology for enabling change
  • Becoming a top program to reach many departments

Nine Pillars of Digital India

  • e-Kranti: Electronic Delivery of Services
  • Information for All
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • IT for Jobs and
  • Early Harvest Programs
  • Broadband Highways
  • Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
  • Public Internet Access Program
  • e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology

Methodology Behind the Program

  • Ministry / Department / State will fully avail the benefits of the basic needs of ICT set up by the Government of India.
  • Existing/ongoing e-Governance initiatives will be refurbished and they will be united with the principles of Digital India. Scope growth, process reconstruction, integrated interactive systems and evolving emergent technologies like cloud and mobile will be used to increase delivery of government services to citizens.
  • States will be given the flexibility to identify and incorporate related projects relevant to their socio-economic needs.
  • E-Governance will be encouraged through a centralized initiative to ensure the citizen-centered service orientation to the extent necessary.
  • Successes will be identified and their imitation will be done continuously.
  • The public-private partnership will be preferred wherever possible.
  • Use of Unique ID will be revived to provide recognition, authentication, and benefits.

Background Details Digital India program

The National e-Governance Plan approved in 2006 has made a stable progress through mission mode projects and core ICT infrastructure, but more efforts are needed to ensure definite progress in electronics manufacturing and e-governance in the country.

Digital India Program Vision provides impetus and progress to this plan and will include comprehensive development by incorporating electronic services, products, equipment, manufacturing and employment opportunities. In the 21st Century, India will effort to fulfill the aspirations of its citizens, where the government and its services are available at the doors of the citizens and donate towards the long-term positive impact. The Digital India Program is intended to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by utilizing the potential of the IT.

  • This program carries a large number of views and thoughts in a single and comprehensive view so that each of them can be seen as part of a larger goal.
  • Each part of this program is in its own right and it is also part of a big picture.
  • Many existing schemes in the Digital India program will be reconstituted and redistributed and implemented in an organized manner.
  • Common branding of programs in the form of Digital India puts light on their transformational effects.
  • In is a platform to share inputs and ideas on matters of policy and governance.

For more information about the digital India campaign, you can visit the official website

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