Planning To Travel! Then, Here Are The Places That You Can Visit In Koppal

Planning To Travel! Then, Here Are The Places That You Can Visit In Koppal

Koppal district in the state of Karnataka was earlier known as Kopana Nagar at a distance of 380kms from the central city of Bangalore. The town is surrounded by hills on three of its sides and has its importance in the history of the state.

The district has various Jain temples that make it a sacred and religious place. Also known as Jaina Kashi, It has significance for Jains because of the two Ashokan inscriptions that are present in the town, located at Gavimatha and another one at Palkigundu.

Koppal town’s ancient belief is related to the kingdom of Gangas, Hoysalas, Shathavahans and Chalukya Dynasties and gained high importance during the reign of Ashoka.

Famous for its history and spirituality, there are some places that one can visit in Koppal.

Koppal Fort

Koppal fort

The significant Koppal fort, one of the most famous attractions in Koppal is located at the height of 400 feet. It remains unclear who constructed the fort. But various stories speak about Tipu Sultan, who acquired the fort in 1786 AD and rebuilt it with help and guidance of French engineers. It is counted in one of the strongest forts in the country.

Mahadeva Temple

itagi mahadeva temple

This temple was built in 1112 A.D. by Mahadeva, Tribhuvanamalla Vikramaditya VI, a General (Dandanayaka) of the Western Chalukya king. Located at Itagi in Koppal district it is known to be one of the best in the country both in the magnificence of its architectural style and rich decorative detail.

The temple, which faces east, consists of a shrine with an anti-chamber, and a closed hall. There is also a pillared hall which is supported by 68 pillars, out of which 26 are large ones standing on the floor while forming the main support for the roof. And, the remaining are shorter, stand on the stone bench surrounding the hall.
The massive columns are of different designs but are arranged symmetrically about the shape and pattern of each. The four central ones, affluent in design, have angular carvings.
The main temple, the sanctum of which has a linga, is surrounded by thirteen minor shrines, each with its Linga. The temple has two other shrines, dedicated to Murthinarayana and Chandraleshwari, parents of Mahadeva.



A small town located in the Yelburga taluk is at a distance of seven miles from Bannikoppa on the Guntakal Hubli railway line. This little town is famous for the Chalukyan style architecture which attracts many tourists throughout the year. There is a collection of temples which reflect the Chalukyan style of architecture and this group is well known as Navalinga group. Apart from the group, there are two famous temples named Kalleshwara and Mallikarjuna.



Located at a distance of 13 km from the city of Koppal, is Kinnal. It is known for the traditional and bright lacquer ware work and is well known for the manufacture of toys and images by Chitragars.



Kanakagiri, a place located on the road of Ganagvathi taluk and about 40 km from Koppal. Kanakagiri meaning “Hill of God” was earlier famous as Swarnagiri. It was the headquarters of the southern area of the Mauryan Empire and believed that Saint Kanaka Muni, performed penance at this place.


Tungabhadra_Dam munirabad

Munirabad is located at a distance of 32 km from the town. It is located on the Hubli-Guntakal railway line and is well known for its reservoir, constructed across the river Tungabhadra. The vast water area of the river Tungabhadra reservoir is a tourist attraction. Tourists also throng the area for its ornamental garden, Pampa Vana.



This place is quite close to Hampi, another district of Karnataka. Located on an island on river Tungabhadra, Navabrindavanam is accessible only by boat. This is the ‘Samadhi Sthalam’ of 9 saints; it is a peaceful place to visit and meditate as well.

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