Places to Visit in Thenmala

Places to Visit in Thenmala

A town that is a tourist attraction near Punalur town, Kollam district in Kerala. Thenmala is the first planned eco-tourism destination in India built across Kallada River. The word Thenmala is derived from Malayalam and meaning of its name stems from the amalgamation of two words i.e. ‘Then’ meaning honey and ‘Mala’ meaning mountain. Famous for its shooting location, it also attracts many foreign and domestic tourists.
Some of the major places to visit in and around Thenmala are:

Palaruvi Waterfalls


Palaruvi, which stands for the ‘Stream of milk’, is one of the fascinating waterfalls of Kerala. This waterfall is a beautiful sight, cascading its way from 300 feet. A favourite picnic spot for the tourists, the journey to Palaruvi amidst the greenery of Western Ghats is a breathtaking experience. Some people believe these falls provide extra health benefits; that’s why people bath here in the designated area.

Thenmala Dam

Thenmala dam

Considered in one of the longest water reservoirs and favourite picnic spots in Kerala, Thenmala dam was built under Tree Crop Development Project and the Kallada Irrigation.
It has been built near the confluence of Chenduruney, Kazhuthurutty and Kulathupuzha rivers. The junction forms a lake, which is around 26 Sq. Km in an area. One can enjoy the boating in the nearby reservoir.

Butterfly Safari Park

butterfly-safari park

Asia’s first ever butterfly park that is said to house around 125 types of butterflies and other flying creatures like hornbill in the misleadingly draws of 3.5 hectares. With lots of greenery and heavily wooded area, the park explains the life cycle of butterfly along the way and pass by zones

Aryankavu Shastha Temple

aryankavu shashta temple

The Aryankavu Shastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, is constructed about 35 ft. Below the level of the road. Many sculptures and mural paintings can be seen within the premises of the temple.
According to legend, Pandi Raja of Madurai installed the idol in this temple. The major festivals celebrated at this place of worship are Mandala Puja and Thrikalyanam. And, popular tourist attraction, the Palaruvi Waterfall is located near the temple.

Suspension Bridge

suspension bridge

400 Ft. long bridge situated in Pulanur town, the suspension bridge was constructed across the Kallada river during the year 1877-78 under the supervision of Prince Henry of Scotland.



Nakshatravanam is a nursery of trees, maintained by the Thenmala Eco-tourism Society. According to astrologers, each tree is associated with a star that can bring happiness to an individual. Some of the trees like the Nux vomica, Indian gooseberry; cluster fig and Jamun are related to different constellations, such as the Aswathy, Bharani, Karthika and Rohini respectively. These trees possess great medicinal, aesthetic and economic value.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

shenduruny wildlife sanctuary

A tropical semi-evergreen forest with varieties of wild animals like elephants, tigers, boars, bisons, and much more that one can witness while being here. Shenduruny wildlife sanctuary has a major role to play in conserving the rich biological diversity.

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