Places to Visit in Surat

Places to Visit in Surat

Surat, the gem city of Gujarat which is also known as The Diamond City or The Textile City of India. Located on the banks of River Tapti, the city is famous for cutting and polishing of diamonds. Apart from the gems, it also masters the production of Silk and other fabrics.

Following firm steps towards urbanisation and development, there are few historical places too for which Surat is a famous tourist attraction of Gujarat. The life of the city is fast-paced, but one can still find the roots of the culture. Here are few of the places that are a must visit in Surat.

Dumas Beach

Dumas beach

An urban beach facing the Arabian Sea draws a lot of tourists and natives to this location. Rambled for about 2 km in length and being famous for its beautiful bright horizons and admiring sunset the beach is a popular and lively destination. With commercialization over and around the Dumas beach, one can indulge in some roadside eateries and enjoy the sand and the waters. The place is assumed to be haunted and has various stories related to it.

Swami Narayan Temple


This beautiful temple of Swami Narayan located on the banks of River Tapti has three shrines within. The first one is dedicated to Radha-Krishna Dev and Harikrishna Maharaj; the second is a devotion to Gunatitanand Swami, Lord Swaminarayan and Gopalanand Swami whereas the third one stands for Ghanshyam Maharaj. The entire temple is devoted to the Vaishnav sect of the Swaminarayan. The temple is bright and is intricately carved making it spectacular.


surat_suvali_beach bardoli

Renowned for being the origin for ‘The Dandi March’, Bardoli is situated at the Eastern end of Surat. The place is known for its historical connections and often visited because of its high-end restaurants and large showrooms that attract the cream crowd of the city. A very famous picnic destination namely Suvali beach is present in this region. The beach has black sand and ideal for people who are finding solace.



About 8 km far from the Arabian Sea Shore resides a Metropolitan Township called Hazira. It is one of the important port of India and has some well-known companies in the region. Famous as an Industrial hub the place also a beach, which is a favourite picnic spot amongst the locals.

Surat Castle

surat castle

The oldest fort stands tall on the edges of River Tapi in an approximate area of about an acre. Built in the 16th century, Surat Castle was meant to protect the city against the Portuguese invasions. The top of the fort gives an enormous view of the city and the River Tapi ahead. Now filled with government offices, the monument stands in the town as a proof of its historical stories that once filled the entire area.

Science Centre

science centre

One of the most spectacular projects of Surat, Science Centre amuses not only the children but adults too. The Science centre is an inclusion of a planetarium, an art gallery, a museum, an amphitheatre and an auditorium. The complex has a solar plant on the roof that generates an enormous amount of power.

Chintamani Jain Temple


The beautiful architectural marvel of the Surat is quite simplistic on the exteriors with exclusive craftsmanship. Chintamani Jain Mandir is said to be built during the reign of Aurangzeb and contains some rare artworks of Jain Acharya Hemachandra. Hence, one can claim it as a real treasure of art. A glass shield even unprotects some wooden paintings and lets you examine the masterpiece with bare hands.

Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium


An underwater multi-disciplinary Aquarium where more than hundred species of fish find their abode. With over 50 tanks constructed with specific requirements for the fishes that belong to different water zones i.e. the brackish, Marines and the fresh waters. Major attractions of Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium are the jellyfish pool and the shark tank.

Gavier Lake

gavier lake

The Surat Municipal Corporation protects the wetlands of the Gavier. The lake is a paradise for bird watchers as a lot of migratory birds are sighted here. The region is also a part of the Nature Club protection. One can spot unique species of birds like Lesser Whistling-Duck, Yellow-fronted Pied Woodpecker, Small Blue Kingfisher, Indian Peafowl and Purple Sunbird among many others.

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