Places to Visit in Sabarimala

Places to Visit in Sabarimala

Sabarimala, one of the most visited pilgrim centres of India, where every year millions of devotees come to worship Lord Ayyappan. Located in Pathanamthitta, the place is famous for rubber plantations and wood industries. The meaning of Sabarimala belongs to the mountain of Sabari, who was a famous Hindu mythological character. Situated on the banks of the holy river Pamba, it is 468 meters above sea level. Forest and hilly route of Sabarimala and nestled in nature’s lap the region has some of the major attractions to look out for tourists.

Vavar Shrine

vavar shrine mosque

Dedicated to a Muslim saint Vavar Swamy, this shrine at Sabarimala has an interesting tale behind it. It is believed that Vavar Swamy was once a pirate defeated by Lord Ayyappa and later became his ardent devotee. According to locals, Lord Ayyappa himself instructed the King of Pandala Desam to build a mosque for Vavar at Erumeli, Kottayam District and a shrine at Sabarimala.

Malikappuram Devi Temple

malikappuram devi temple

On the left side of the hillock of the Ayyappa temple lays a Malikappurathamma temple symbolic of the relationship between Lord Ayappan & Malikapurathamma Devi.

Pamba Ganapathi Temple

pampa ganapathi temple

Maha Ganapathy Temple is also known as Pampa Ganapathi Temple is a famous place to visit in Pamba. It can be reached by climbing about 120 steps from the Triveni Sangam point.

Ayyappa Temple

ayyappa temple

The oldest ancient pilgrim located at Sabarimala, which at that time was known as Churulimala can be found in the inscriptions of Xuanzang. It reveals an idol of the Buddhist shrine that was of Avalokitesvara, who according to Buddhism, is an avatar of Bodhisattva. The Mudra depicted by the statue of Ayyappa and the yogic position may have a connection to Vitarka mudra and Lotus position in which Buddha is depicted beautifully.

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