Places to Visit in Palakkad

Places to Visit in Palakkad

Palakkad also named as Palghat is a city and municipality in Kerala. It is the seventh most populated town in Kerala and lies near the Palghat Gap. The region has a tropical wet and dry climate which remains moderate throughout the year. The city is blessed with many small and medium rivers that are tributaries of the Bharathapuzha River.

Following are some of the places that one can visit in Palakkad.

Palakkad Fort


The old granite fort situated in the very heart of Palakkad town is one of the best tourist locations in Kerala. Also known by the name Tipus Fort, Hyder Ali of Mysore built this architecture in 1766. Later on, in 1790, the fort was taken over and modified by the British. The Archaeological Survey of India now preserves it.

Malampuzha Dam Park


A famous picnic spot comprised of a dam and beautifully landscaped gardens is situated on the lower hills of the Western Ghats. With almost every patch of the backyard covered with grasses, the surrounding of the dam appears sound and serene all day long.

Kava View Point

kava view point

One of the least tagged places in Palakkad, Kava View Point, is nestled amidst the rich Western Ghats. The place is a tranquil getaway, and it appears back to life during monsoon. Locals call Kava ‘the womb of the raincloud’ as the first rain cloud forms here.

Silent Valley National Park

silent valley national park

Highly popular in the state of Kerala, Silent Valley National Park is amongst those that is still the same by the passage of time. Its topographical retreat ensures the area remains uninhabited and continues to preserve flora and fauna in it. The park is located in the Kundali Hills of the Western Ghats, 65 km northeast of Palakkad.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

parambikulam wildlife

47 km from Palakkad, this wildlife sanctuary is an ideal place to have a good sight of elephants, gaurs, chitals, sambars, deer, Nilgiri langurs, wild dogs, leopards, and tigers. The park occupies an area of 277 sq. Km between Anamalai hills and Nellliyampathy. There are three dams within the sanctuary amidst the beauty of natural waters to have a pleasure of boating.

Thiruvalathur Randu Moorthy Temple

Thiruvalathur Randu Moorthy Temple

One of the grandest discoveries by Lord Parsurama and is amongst the 108 Durga temples that were consecrated by the deity. As per Historians, the temple was set-up in just 12 days by the followers of Parsurama. Goddess Mahishasuramardhini and Goddess Annapurneshwari are the presiding icons here. The massive rocks protect Thiruvalathur Randu Moorthy Temple from all the sides.

Nelliyampathy Hills


A hill station perched at the height of 4600 feet above sea level and 56km from Palakkad. The small town is perfect for soaking in the magical beauty of hills, coffee, tea and orange plantations.

Dhoni Hills


Dhoni hills are one of the best places in Kerala to undertake forest trekking. A short walk from the main road, tourists can see tiny mountain streams, and forest area including animals like leopards, elephants, etc. Visitors who are interested in watching nature closely are attracted to the Dhoni Waterfalls.

Pothundi Dam and Reservoir

pothundi dam

A charming location built during the British reign for irrigation purpose, Pothundi Dam is one of the famous tourist attraction in Palakkad. The dam is made of jaggery and quicklime, which is USP of it and standing strong till date. The area around the Pothundi Reservoir is the best place to enjoy a picnic.

Siruvani Reservoir


The reservoir was built for Tamil Nadu by the Kerala Government to meet the water requirements of Coimbatore. The gateways on another side of the road across the dam are typical of the Tamil and Kerala style architectures.




The valley is famous for its population of tribal people mainly Irulas and Mudugars. The place is also perfect to enjoy the scenic beauty of mountains, rivulets streams, and forests. The tribals highly revere the Shivalinga at the Malleshwaram peak, and the festival of Shivarathri is celebrated with much enthusiasm.

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