Places to Visit in Narmada

Places to Visit in Narmada

The River Narmada inspires the name of Narmada district in Gujarat. The district headquarters are located at Rajpipla situated largely between two important rivers of Western India – the Narmada and the Tapti, with the Satpura range in the south.

This district is famous for “Narmada River” and Eco campsites. It is also known for some “Anthropological sites”. There are dams and canals constructed on this river. Apart from this, there are few places that you can visit in the Narmada.



Chandod is the city of temples at the confluence of the Narmada. Therefore, Orsang and Saraswati rivers over the area are considered highly sacred. It is a home to varying temples such as the Kashivishwanath Mahadev.

Dediapada Range

Dediapada Range

In this beautiful forest range, one can find the Ninai waterfalls and Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. For trekking and camping, these are the excellent options, especially after the monsoon season, when the area is most lush.



Kabirwad is a famous destination situated on an island in the middle of the river Narmada. One can reach here by boats, which operate from the Shuklatirth Shiva temple. An incredible grove of a Banyan tree that has grown over the years along with Kabir Temple where visitors come to pray and indulge in the peace.

Kanjeta Eco Campsite

Kanjeta eco campsite

Kanjeta is a developed campsite situated inside the Ratanmahal Sloth Bear Sanctuary. Like all the other eco-campsite, this campsite also encompasses a rich diversity flora and fauna. It boasts a variety of avifauna like treepies, white bellied drongos, racket tailed drongos, paradise flycatcher, black headed oriole, etc. and different variety of reptiles.

The sanctuary’s geological formation and structure add a lot to its beauty. River Panam originates from within the haven. All of these natural wonders give the reserve the potential of widening people’s sensitivity towards wildlife in general.

Vishal Khadi Eco Campsite

vishal khadi eco campsite

Vishal Khadi Campsite is a campsite situated on the way to Rajpipla-Netrang road. It is around 20 km away from Rajpipla. Several forest areas surrouds the site namely, Karjan forest area, Dediyapada forest area and Dang forest area along with fertile agricultural plains and river valleys. The sightseeing includes the bathing ghats on the River Narmada at Chandod and Garudeshwar, the fort at Dabhoi, waterfalls, and the Jain temples of Jagadia.

Malsamot Eco Campsite

malsamot eco campsite

This eco campsite situated at the foot of the hills Malsamot has teak forests, valley view points, bracing cool climate and breathtaking view of Ninai waterfalls. The site of Malsamot includes Sagai and Samot area where shelters are located to enjoy a stay or picnic in the scenic location.

Narmada River

narmada river

Renowned river in central India and the fifth largest river in the Indian subcontinent. It is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the Giver of Pleasure’. There are many temples situated along the bank of the river. Narmadakund and temples are the origins of Narmada River. There are Marble Rocks along the river.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

sardar sarovar dam

1163 km away up the river from the sea, near Rajpipla is Sardar Sarovar dam. At the height of 128 m and growing, Sardar Sarovar dam is the largest dam on the Narmada. The mission behind the construction of the dam was “harnessing the untapped waters of the Narmada for a survival of millions of people and sound sustainable development of the western India by providing the essence of life-Water and Energy.” Sardar Sarovar dam provides water for irrigation, drinking water supply, hydropower, and flood protection across the state of Gujarat.

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