Places to Visit in Nagaur

Nagaur is another district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Panchayat Raj was introduced here for the very first time. Lying in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, in the Northwestern thorn scrub forests belt surrounding the Thar Desert. The Aravalli Range extends across the southeastern portion of the district, and the saline Sambhar Lake, India’s largest salt lake and Rajasthan’s largest lake, lies at the southwestern corner of the district, straddling the boundary with Jaipur District. The district consists 12 Main tehsils. These are Nagaur, Khinvsar, Jayal, Merta City, Degana, Didwana, Ladnun, Parbatsar, Makrana, Kuchaman City, Nawa, Mundwa. All of these are Sub-divisions also. There are 11 blocks and 1607 villages in the district.

If you go to Nagaur mentioned below is the list of places one must visit.

1. Nagaur Fort

Nagaur fort was initially managed by the Mehrengarh Fort Trust, which manages Jodhpur’s fabulous Mehrengarh Fort. With a spectacular entrance from the middle of a crowded market area the tourist can step into a long stone alley that leads up to the inner wall. The fort also has within it two temples dedicated to Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha respectively. Both of them have primitive paintings and murals. A beautiful blue-tiled mosaic mosque was also built there by Emperor Shah Jahan and therefore called the Shah Jahani mosque.

Nagaur Fort

2. Meera Bai Temple

This 400 years old temple is also known as the Charghuja temple is in the Merta City of Nagaur. The temple was constructed under the obligations of the thieves who vowed never to commit theft again in the life. The beautifully built temple shows how total surrender helps attain godly qualities.

Meera Bai Temple

3. Akbari Mahal

It was built to commemorate the recapture of Nagaur by the Mughals from the governor of Ajmer in 1556. The splendid architecture of the place is a stupendous example of both Rajput and Mughal art. The Mughal style and influence can be seen in most of the airy palaces and pavilions.

akbari mahal

4. Hadi Rani Mahal

Although the fort is in a fairly dilapidated state it does house some beautiful palaces. One of the most beautifully decorated palaces is the Hadi Rani Mahal which has intricately carved designs all over its walls and ceilings. It is further embellished by exquisite mural paintings mostly displaying Maharani Hadi Rani along with her retinue. It also has a particularly fascinating frescoed ceiling which is worth travelling miles to see.

Hadi rani mahal

5. Jain Glass Temple

The whole temple is made out of glass situated behind the Kamla Tower in Nagaur. Tourists can see the attractive glass works inside the temple which represent the ancient art in the form of the Jain scriptures. This temple has different figures of Lord Mahavira apart from the statues of the other 23 Jain Tirthankaras and adorned with ornamental arches and beautiful marble works.

jain glass temple

6. Saiji ka Tanka

Saiji ka Tanka, another tourist place of Nagaur is also known for the Samadhi of the saint, Shri Saiji Maharaj. This place is visited by large numbers of devotees who come to offer their prayers to the saint.

Saiji ka tanka

7. Deepak Mahal

Another must visit place is the Deepak Mahal which is decorated with beautiful floral designs from wall to wall. In rain parched Nagaur the temple is like a breath of fresh air, and it is natural that the desert fiefdom deprived of any greenery, painted pictures of beautiful flowers and shrubs. Deepak Mahal represents a true fantasy for the people of Nagaur.

Deepak Mahal

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