Places to Visit in Mehsana

Places to Visit in Mehsana

Mehsana, one of the largest cities in North Gujarat. Some primary industries including dairy and oil and natural gas are situated in or around the city. The city is also famous for its local Mehsani buffalo breed, having the first water park in Eurasia (currently the largest in Gujarat), and the largest iron and steel market in India.

The district also has few places that have been a center of attraction for tourists.

Bahuchar Mata Temple

Bahuchar Mata temple

A short motor ride towards Chanasma and you can arrive at the temple of Bahuchar Mata. Pilgrimages are undertaken to this site for vows fulfilled and boons granted. ‘Bahucharji Mata’ is the patron goddess of the women folk who cite her involvement in domestic violence and problems within the family. The goddess is also principle deity of transgenders and eunuchs who flock here large numbers to seek the blessings of the goddess.

Modhera Sun Temple

Modhera Sun temple


Just 35km away from Mehsana, a soothing drive amidst green farmlands take you on the way to the temples of goddess Bahucharaji responses the village of Modhera. Set in the backdrop of River Pushpavati, surrounded by a terra-formed garden of flowering trees and songs of birds, rests the famed Sun Temple of Modhera.

The leftover of the Sun Temples at Modhera are relics of history when reverence of the natural elements fire, air, earth, water, and sky were at their peak sharing space with myriad manifestations of Vedic gods.

Shanku’s Water Park

Shanku's water park

Currently, the largest in Gujarat and first water park in Eurasia. Shanku’s group is the pioneer in getting the water parks to India and has the best and the most favorite three-star holiday resort (Shanku’s Water World Resort), an outside catering division (Shanku’s Catering Services) and a plus-two level CBSE based Residential School (Divine Child School).

Dudhsagar Dairy

dudhsagar dairy

One of the iconic places in Mehsana, it is the largest dairy in entire Asia and center of attraction for the people coming in Mehsana. The city has found its identity through the Dudhsagar dairy in India.

Hinglaj Mata Temple

hinglaj mata temple

Situated in Hinglajpura in Mehsana and recognized as a significant religious temple of India. It is believed that miracle of Hinglaj Mata relieves the distress and cures all the diseases of people. People that experience the possessions by the goddess are said to sprinkle Vermillion from their hands.

Thol Wildlife Sanctuary

Thol wildlife sanctuary

The ruler of Baroda, Sayaji Rao Gaekwad with the purpose of water storage incepted a beautiful shallow water bird sanctuary in the region of Mehsana and named it as Thol Wildlife Sanctuary. And, it abodes many rare species of birds in it that are worth to watch.

Swaminarayan Temple

swaminarayan temple

Out of all the holy places, this is one of the temples that is located on the state highway of Mehsana. Swami Narayan Temple is the most emphasized tourism spot of Mehsana. The place is constructed with sheer architectural significance and outright magnetism of artistic designing.

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