Places to Visit in Malappuram

Places to Visit in Malappuram

Malappuram is a city in the southern part of India spread over an area of 33.61Sq km. The name of the place means “terraced situated atop the hills” i.e. Hilltop. Malappuram serves as the administrative headquarters divided into 40 electoral wards; the city has a population of 2,083 per And, as per census, it is the fourth largest urban agglomeration in Kerala state with a total population of 1,698,645. It is covered with small beautiful mountains of lush greenery bestowing a harmony of natural beauty within it.

Following are some of the places that add a glimpse of diamond to this city and are worth to visit while here.

Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary


One of the major attractions of Malappuram, Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary houses more than 100 species of birds, makes it a heaven for nature lovers. Around 60 varieties of migratory birds come to the sanctuary every year. One can spot many types of migratory birds here such as sandpipers, green shanks, terns, seagulls and more.



Kottakkunnu is a hilltop location at Malappuram town. It is a popular getaway spot for family holidays and school excursions.

It has an art gallery, open-air theater, helipad by tourism council and a water theme park. The well-designed hilltop also commands great views in all directions.

Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple


Kadampuzha Bhagavathy Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga is situated in Kadampuzha region of Malappuram district. The temple is believed to be around 1900 years old. It is under the Malabar Devaswom Board. Here goddess Durga is worshiped in her three different manifestations viz. Vana Durga, Vidya Durga, and Adi Shakti Durga.

Padinharekara Beach


A vast beach, Padinharekara beach offers a mesmerizing view of two rivers joining the Arabian Sea. The sight of the river Triurpuzha and Bharatapuzha coming in full force to join with the sea is a sight that you will never forget. It is also one of the most beautiful beaches of Kerala, with many palm trees lining the shore that lends a special beauty to the beach.

The soft, shining white sand offers you a memorable walk. It feels as if nature has laid down a white carpet for you to enjoy and value the magnificence of nature.


Thirunavaya, Malappuram

The land of ancient Mamankom, Thirunavaya is 7 km south of Tirur. Situated on the banks of Bharathapuzha, it is a place of historical importance.



If you are at Malappuram, a visit to the Nedumkayam rainforest is a must. It is not just a dense forest housing a variety of flora and fauna; it is also one of those amazing spots where you can experience nature in its resplendent glory. That is why; trekkers find it an ideal place for a fantastic trekking experience. There is also an elephant-training centre within the forest, which is a great place to visit. Though the forest is open to visitors, prior permission from forest authorities has to be taken.

Kottaykkal Arya Vaidya Shala


A sprawling institution dedicated to Ayurveda. In fact, it is a pioneer Ayurvedic organization in India. It is also a hospital and a research centre, which is visited by people from all over the world, seeking a cure to many ailments. You also get the authentic Ayurvedic massages and other treatments here. The renowned Ayurvedic doctor and scholar, P. S. Warrier, founded it in the year 1902 and even today, the centre stands as a reputed institution for Ayurveda. Today, you can find branches of Kottaykkal Arya Vaidya Shala all around the world.

Medicines made at the centre are available for many of the outlets in many parts of the globe.

Adyanpara Waterfall

adyanpura waterfalls

A scenic waterfall, 10 km from Nilambur, is one of the exciting attractions of Malappuram. The location is photographic; the air is pure, and the cascade itself is perennial.



Nilambur is heavily wooded with teak plantations and rainforests. It is also green carpeted with paddy fields. The Teak Museum in Nilambur is the first of its kind in the world and the only one in India. The Museum that showcases various aspects of Teak is quite informative. Located 4 km’s from Nilambur town, it attracts plenty of visitors.

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