Places to Visit in Malampuzha

Places to Visit in Malampuzha

Malampuzha is a village in Palakkad, Kerala. This small location is peaceful for the travellers. It is famous because of its dam, which connects it from the town of Palakkad. Also, there are some of the attractions present here for satisfying the purpose of travel.

Malampuzha Garden

Malampuzha garden

This garden is the prime attraction of the Malampuzha town and has been entitled as Vrindavan of Kerala. Flowerbeds, Fountains, Pools, green lawns and an artificial canal for boat ride add the beauty as being the majors of the garden. There is also a Japanese-style garden located in the premises of Malampuzha backyard. The major attraction here is a concrete statue of Yakshi, constructed by Kanayi Kunhiraman, the famous sculptor of Kerala. And, most importantly it is carved out of a single piece of granite. Also, there is a snake park inside this garden that houses both poisonous and non-poisonous snakes and is regularly maintained by keeping the safety of tourists.


malampuzha kava

Kava is majorly a gateway for the rain clouds at Malampuzha. The tourists come here especially to see the black clouds spread over the peaks. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and for the people who loves to adventure. The forest near to this place is home to some rare species of butterflies and birds.

Malampuzha Dam

malampuzha dam

This dam is constructed across the Malampuzha River, which is a tributary of being Kerala’s longest river, Bharathapuzha. It is located in the Western Ghats and serves Malampuzha and the adjoining villages. In 1949, construction of the dam was started and was completed after 6 years. The site of this dam is popular for boating and fishing.

Thread Garden


Thread Garden is based in proximity to the Fantasy Park of the Malampuzha town. With the assistance of Antony Joseph, the garden was constructed. It has a diverse collection of flowers and plants that are not real. These plants and flowers have been designed using colourful embroidery threads and woven by hands.

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