Places to Visit in Kollam

Places to Visit in Kollam

Kollam was formerly known as Desinganadu, is an old seaport and city on the Laccadive Sea coast of Kerala, India. The city is on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake and had a strong commercial reputation since the days of the Phoenicians and Romans. Surprisingly, the proportion of females to males in Kollam city is second highest among the 500 most populous cities in India. It is also least polluted and clean city in our country.

Here are few of the places enlisted that are must visit in Kollam:



A beautiful beach town, Thangassery was established in 1502 by Portuguese and became one of the major sources of Pepper trade. The town is famous for its astonishing and clean beach and a 44 meters tall lighthouse that let you explore the most amazing views of the city. The town is a picturesque and contains several churches and other monuments that belong to the Portuguese and Dutch era.

Palaruvi Waterfalls


With an enormous height of 91 meters, the Palaruvi Waterfalls are a horsetail waterfall and a major tourist attraction in Kollam. The name Palaruvi means a stream of milk and is one of the most picturesque places to visit in Kerala. The lush green surrounding with the backdrop of the misty mountains makes it a perfect picnic spot to relax your body and senses.

Munroe Island


Named after Colonel John Munroe from the British Colonial Period, Munroe Island is a famous tourist destination located in the backwaters of Asthamudi River. The island is home to a plethora of attractions including Watersports, fishing, boat racing and watching migratory birds, etc.

Thevally Palace

thevally palace

The former abode of the King of Travancore, the Thevally Palace was constructed between 1811 and 1819. The architecture of the castle borrows influences from British, Dutch and the Portuguese architectural styles. The Palace also contains a temple dedicated to a local deity Lord Sastha.



Situated about 73 km east of Kollam is one of the important pilgrim centres of the district. From very early days, it was an important trade route for merchants from either side of Western Ghats. The chief attraction of Aryankavu is the shrine dedication of Lord Sastha. A temple with some fine sculptures and mural paintings.



Situated, 32 km north of Kollam on the Kollam-Alappuzha National Highway and the boundary of Kollam district, Oachira is a different pilgrim centre. The peculiarity of the temple is that there is no temple building as such nor there is any idol. All classes of people worship the presiding deity the Parabrahma. Oachira draws thousands of Pilgrims for Oachirakkali, a festival held annually in June. It is also an important handicraft centre where excellent articles of screw pine mats are manufactured.

Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary


One of the most flora rich areas of Kerala, the Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary covers an area of 100 sq. Km. Established in 1984, the sanctuary contains a plethora of animal, bird and reptile species along with several archaeological sites with excavations dating back to the Stone Age.



The first planned eco-tourism destination in India, Thenmala is located by the Kallanda River. It is famous for being a favorite shooting location for Tamil and Malayalam movies. The town attracts several tourists with its lush green surroundings, trekking, and mountaineering spots. The Hanging Bridge is a popular attraction along with the Thenmala Dam.

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