Places to Visit in Kasargod

Places to Visit in Kasargod

Kasargod is one of the 14 districts in the state of Kerala, India. Kasargod became part of Kannur district in November 1956. Covering an area of around 1992 km2, earlier it was known to Arabs by the name Harkiwillia. Renowned for its coir and handloom industries, it is the northernmost district of Kerala.
Kasargod is the land of seven cultures and seven languages including beaches, backwaters, hill stations, shrines and cultural discoveries. Rich in history, Kasargod is a home of the largest and best-preserved fort in the state. Also, there are many other places to visit for travellers.

Bekal Beach (Bekal)

bekal beach kasargod

The area of Bekal is the prime tourist spot of Kasargod, thanks to the fort and beach present over here. Bekal beach is the shallow beach and one of its kinds developed by the tourism department. It is now an exotic location for people and also the most visited in Kasargod. Beach also includes facilities like children’s park, waste bins, and washrooms for the convenience.

Bekal Fort (Bekal)


One of the oldest and largest forts in the state of Kerala, its presence can be traced from years ago. Thirakkal, as well as Kolathiri Kings, have been the earliest inhabitants of this astonishing structure. Later, excavations, some coins, and other traces of things found here bring the apparent influence of Mysore Sultans during their reign here. At present, Bekal Fort is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kerala.

Madhur Temple


One of the most important places of worship in Kasaragod district, this temple is regarded high for spiritual powers, the temple has two deities, out of which principal is Srimad Anantheswara (Lord Siva). It is also called as Srimad Anantheswara Vinayaka Temple. However, the more potent deity here is Ganapathi (Ganesh). Madhur Temple is attractive for its unique architectural style and restricted to Hindus only.

Ananthapura Lake Temple (Bekal)


The only lake temple, dedicated to Anandapadmanabha in Kasargod. It is a beautiful temple in the middle of a rectangular lake and also grassland. The temple is devoted to the worship of Lord Vishnu who rests on the Ananthanaga. It is the ideal representation of Lord Vishnu, which signifies ultimate reality of never-ending creation capability of the God. The unique part of this temple is that the idol inside is not made up of any single item but of a combination of more than 40 materials. There is also an auspicious temple crocodile inside the lake.

Malik Deenar Juma Masjid (Bekal)


The site of one of the mosques believed to be founded by Malik Ibn Deenar, this is the typical Kerala style mosque in the Thalankara Region. It is one of the best-preserved mosques in the state. It contains the grave of Malik Ibn Mohammed, one of the descendants of Malik Ibn Dinar in an aim of spreading Islam in other parts of the world. An important celebration takes place every year in commemoration of the arrival of Malik Ibn Dinar.

Kappil Beach (Bekal)

kappil beach

Located about 6 km away from the Bekal Fort, this is one of the cleanest and unpolluted beaches of the region. Quite and peaceful, this place is, however, a favourite location for those who prefers seclusion compared to the crowd. From here you can get excellent views of the Arabian Sea and the surroundings too. The views of the Pallikunnam Temple, which is about 2 km away, can also be enjoyed from this cliff.

Bela Church


Oldest in the district constructed in 1890 AD, 15 km north of Kasargod, Our Lady of Sorrows Church is the beautiful one to look out here. This Gothic Style Roman Catholic Church in under the Mangalore Diocese recently.

Chandragiri Fort (Bekal)


Just 3 Km south of Kasaragod, the fort was built in the 17th century. Similar to Bekal fort, it is also a defensive bastion built by laterite bricks. The fort is constructed on a hillock near Chandragiri River bank and has an appealing sight to look for. Over here you can enjoy, boat ride and extraordinary view of the Arabian Sea.

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