Places to visit in Darang

Places to visit in Darang

Darang is a beautiful place in the state of Assam and is a popular tourist attraction of the area. To reach Darang, one has to reach Guwahati (Capital of Assam) by Air, Train, or Bus. There are regular public buses from Guwahati to Mangaldai (Darang). Private taxis and vehicles are also available. Let us have a look at the places of interest in Darang.

1. Gandhi Smriti Park

Places to visit in Darang

Gandhi Smriti Park is a leafy green park with the aroma of freshness and tranquility. Located at the center of Darang this park is quite well-preserved. Gandhi Smriti Park is a great place for getting all the fresh air and taking a walk in nature.

2. Patharughat Swaheed Minar

Places to visit in Darang

Located 16 km from Darang, the Patharughat Swaheed Minar was established to pay homage to the victims of Jallianwala Bagh of Assamese origin.

3. Satras

Places to visit in Darang

One place of great importance in Darang is Satras. One must visit these to have a glimpse of the unique and rich culture that exclusively belongs to the state of Assam. Satras are quite similar to monasteries in structure and were built by Sankardeva and later by his followers.

Apart from practicing Bhagawatee Baishnav here, it also presents surplus of art forms that were and are being encouraged here. There are two Satras in Darang: Khatara Stra, one of the oldest and situated 22kms from Darang in Dilipa and Dihing Satra, 45 km from Darang in Kurua.

4. Kamakshya Devalaya

Places to visit in Darang

Kamakshya Devalaya temple is located near the Lakhimpur Village and is well known for its stone fixation and 8 lotus petals placed inside the complex. This structure dates back to 12th century and this temple was favored by both Ahom and Koch kings. The temple is also famous for its annual Doul Festival observed in springs.

5. Bar Masjid

Places to visit in Darang

Located in the heart of Darang town, the Bar Masjid is one of the oldest mosques in Darang and holds a lot of significance in the hearts of the Darang People.

6. Engil Baba’s Mazaar

Places to visit in Darang

Engil Fakeer’s Mazaar is located in Darang. It is known for its architectural grandeur. It is located in the graveyard where Hindus and Muslims come together every Thursday to offer their prayers.

7. Batha Beel

Places to visit in Darang

A paradise for bird watchers, Batha Beel is located near Hazarikapara. It has a lot of migratory birds that come to this place every year.

8. Pukhuria Beel

Places to visit in Darang

Yet another place for bird lovers, Pukhuria Beel is also known to inhabit hundreds of migratory birds that visit this place every year.

9. Baladev Pukhuri

Created during the rule of King Dharma Narayana, today it covers an area of 48 Bighaas. Baladev Pukhuri, situated at Baldevpara is a place that serves as a Government Fishery.

Jaypal Pukhuri, located at Batkaliyajhar Village is a huge pond spread across an area of 20 Bighaas. Known to be established under the rule of King Jaypal, this pond today offers an ideal spot for picnics and soothing with its tranquil surroundings. The best part is the pond is perfectly blue and the water always remains above the ground level.

10. Orang National Park

Places to visit in Darang

A hotspot for many migratory birds, Orang National Park caters birds such as Bengal Florican, Green Pigeon, King Vulture, Large Whistling Teal, Pelican and Greylag Goose etc. Located near Silbori about 68 km from Mangaldai, this National Park is situated on the north banks of Brahmaputra flourishing green grasslands and marshes.

Orang National Park also known as mini Kaziranga owing to their similar landscape is a paradise for wildlife buffs. Spread across an area of 78 sq. km, the place other one horned Rhinoceros also inhabits Royal Bengal Tiger, Sambar and Hogdeer, barking Deer, Elephant and Civet Cat etc.

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