Places to visit in Barpeta

Places to visit in Barpeta

Barpeta in Assam is quite chosen by voyagers from Kolkata and as well as from other parts of the world. There are a lot of tourist places in Barpeta that attract a lot of national as well as international tourists. Let us have a look at the major places of interest that are in this town of Assam, Barpeta.

Manas National ParkPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Call it one of the prime location and attraction near Barpeta, the Manas National Park located at the foothills of the Great Himalayas leading to Bhutan region is a must see. It houses a great spectrum of biodiversity and beautiful landscapes. Established as a reserve forest in 1928, the park also serves as a part of tiger reserve network under Project Tiger during 1973 and was declared as a national park in 1990. It has an area of around 2,837 sq km, and right now contains a natural habitat for 312 species of birds, 60 mammals, 54 fishes, 42 reptiles, 7 amphibians and more than 100 species of insects.

Barpeta SatraPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Located in the north-west of Guwahati in Assam; Barpeta Satra is one of the holy sites of the place. The site houses a popular shrine and a Kirtanghara and is frequently visited by tourists and devotees round the year. It is believed that the temple was established by Madhavdeva, the greatest devotee of Shankardeva. Kirtanghara is believed to be one of the largest prayer halls of the region. The Asanas of the three gurus namely, Srimanta Shankardeva, Shri Madhavdeva and Shri Badula Ata, are enshrined in the chamber

Chinpara VithiPlaces to visit in Barpeta

The story of Chinpara VIthi goes back to a saint in the bygone era. Chinpara Vithi is well-known as a place where Srimanta Sankardeva came from his boat at Barpeta. Leaving the boat on the bank of river Palangdi Bori the saint went into the forests for performing atonement. The saint resided at the site for around six months and established Namghar in the surroundings of the destination. The Namghar created by the saint still exists and is frequently visited by pilgrims from across the country. The site is accessible on foot as it is located at a distance of around half a kilometre from the Barpeta Satra.

Sundaridiya SatraPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Sundaridiya Satra was created by Shri Madhavdeva after he left the Ganakkuchi Satra. Considered to be one of the religious places in the destination, the place serves as a dwelling to Shri Madhavdeva. The premises of the shrine played a vital role in spreading Vaishnavism.

Patbaushi SatraPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Located at a distance of about 2 km north of the Barpeta town is the Patbaushi Satra. The town is known as a cultural centre of prehistoric times as the art forms and literature originated from this place are rampant throughout the world. The shrine housed various gurus, who encouraged Vaishnava faith from the expanse like the Shri Manta Sankardeva, Shri Madhavdeva and Shri Damodardeva. It is also said that Shrimanta Sankardeva resided at the site for 18 long years and composed various religious-cultural texts such as Ankiya nat, 240 Bargeets and Shastras.

Ganakkuchi SatraPlaces to visit in Barpeta

The place served as a holy place to the Guru Shri Madhavdeva for more than 18 years. Shri Madhavdeva formed the Ganakkuchi Satra which is located in the lush green environment. The place has many conserved manuscripts and Sachipat Puthis that were created by Shrimanta Sankardeva. Ganakkuchi Satra is situated in the environs of the Barpeta Municipality. It is also a preservation centre for vithis of Shri Ram Ata and Shri Ram Atoi.

Baradi SatraPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Shri Madhavdeva founded the Baradi Satra which has emerged as one of the well-known educational sites in the region. The Satra grew fame among the native community as they were highly inclined towards the preaching of the saints. This site contributed a lot in teaching Sanskrit literature and spreading the Sanskrit culture in the neighbouring areas of the destination. Tourists and disciples visit this site during celebrations of Holi fakua. The premise of the site became an important centre of learning during the ancient period.

Pari Hareswar DevalayaPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Located in the holy town of Dubi, Pari Hareswar Devalaya is also known as Bajali subdivision of Shiva Singha, the Ahom king. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is said to be constructed during the ancient period. Built by Shiva Singha, the temple is located on a settled land measuring about 760 Puras, which is fixed on the copper plate preserved at the temple.

Dargah of Syed Shahnur DewanPlaces to visit in Barpeta

One of the shrines belonging to Islam, the Dargah of Syed Shahnur Dewan is located at Bhella. It is nearly 8 km away from the destination. It is believed that during the medieval period, Syed Shahnur Dewan, a follower of Muslim Sufi saint Ajan Fakir, arrived at Barpeta for spreading Islamic religion and Sufi philosophies.

Having divine healing powers, the saint’s healing hands cured the problems of maternity of the Queen Fuleswari, wife of Ahom King, Shiva Singha. After the cure was confirmed, Shiva Singha and Chandra Kanta Singha gave privileges of land to the fakir.

Gorokhia Gosair ThanPlaces to visit in Barpeta

Gorokhia Gosair Than is located at Niz Sariha in Sorbhog. It covers an area of around 2.5 acres. The Than was found cowherds, also known as Gorokhias. Shri Narayan Das Thakur Ata, a disciple of Shrimanta Sankardeva, toured the site while offering to preach to native community living in the neighbouring areas.

These are the major places to visit in the Barpeta Region of Assam. These places have a great historic importance. Many saints and significant people have taken refuge or lived in these places in Barpeta. For all those people who seek religious escape and want to experience the power of saints and their preaching can drop at Barpeta for that ultimate knowledge

Assam itself is a beautiful place, having a number of places of interest where people from all over the world gather to get into the lap of nature. Whether you want to have an escape from the hustle bustle of the metro life or just want to go on a peaceful holiday. Assam is the place for you.


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