Places to Visit in Aranmula

Places to Visit in Aranmula

Aranmula, a temple village, at a distance of around 116km from Trivandrum, Kerala. It is situated on the banks of the holy river Pampa. Aranmula is famous for its tourist attraction Vallam Kali, (Snakeboat Regatta) which is celebrated every year with great spirit. It is the sacred site for the Hindus and global heritage site enlisted by the United Nations. Here are some of the ancient pilgrimages and other things that one can witness in Aranmula.

Aranmula Palace


Aranmula Palace also known as Aranmula Vadekke Kottaram, or the Aranmula Kottaram is a traditional Keralite castle, which has a history of around 200 years. Aranmula is located in the Pathanamthitta district of the state of Kerala in India. It is the halting place of the holy journey ‘Thiruvabarana Khosayatra’ at Aranmula.

Parthasarathy Temple


Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is an ancient temple, which is believed to be first built by Arjuna (One of the five Pandava’s) at Nilackal. The Parthasarathy Temple only allows the Hindus. According to Legends, it is associated with Lord Krishna being as a charioteer during the 18 days war of Mahabharata and visiting this place during that time.

Pulikkunnumala Mahadeva Temple


Located 4 km from Aranmula, Pulikkunnumala Mahadeva Temple is the oldest one. The Temple is traditionally said to be the worship site of the Pandavas. Koikkattumalayil Late Shri donated this temple to Ramakrishna Pillai at the Kshetra Samrakshana Samiti, Kerala.

Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam

vastu vidya gurukulam

Aranmula is famous for the Vaasthu Vidya Gurukulam, a traditional way of constructing buildings and architectures. Here at this institute, another important annual event is hosted called the Maramon Convention.

Snake Boat Race or Vallam Kali

vallam kali

During Onam, in the waters of Pamba River, these long boat races take place. The Aranmula Boat Races reflects glorious tradition and culture of Kerala in a unique way. Special boats made during this time are called snake boats, which have the capacity of around 100 boatmen who row the boats amidst great zeal.

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