Passport Application – How to Apply for Birth Certificate

How to Apply Online for Birth Certificate for Password Application

Steps to apply online for Birth Certificate for Passport sake. Guide for birth card request for the people born after 1989

Apply-for-Birth-Certificate-IndiaMany applicants were unaware of the thing that to apply for the passport in India, Birth certificate is required. It should be noted that only those who were born after 1989 need to submit their Birth Certificate during passport request in India. In case, due to some reason, your birth certificate was not made, and you are born after 1989, you might face trouble in gaining the birth certificate. Therefore, certain steps can be followed to apply for a birth certificate for the sake of passport. In this article, you can know the process and look for help to obtain your Birth Certificate online. Owning the birth certificate will enable you to apply successfully for the passport.

Who Should Submit Birth Certificate for Passport Application?

It is to be cleared that birth certificate is not mandatory for all while applying for a passport. It shall be binding only for the people who were born after 1989. For details check below:


If you were born before 1989, you could submit below stated documents during passport application –

  • Transfer Certificate (School Leaving Certificate)
  • Aadhar Card, PAN Card or Voter ID
  • Current Electricity Bill
  • 10th/12th or Graduation Mark Sheet

For those who were born after 1989, these are the documents that should be submitted –

  • Birth Certificate (It is Mandatory, to avoid the application rejection)
  • Address Proof i.e. Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Bank Passbook, recent electricity bill
  • Bonafide Certificate from College for students and employer, in case the candidate is employed.
  • 10th/12th or any degree certificate

Here, you will notice the importance of having a birth certificate. You must get it if you don’t have one. In case, you have misplaced or lost; you can directly apply for it again. Now, we will let you know who can apply in both the cases.


If you are among those, who never had any birth certificate then, follow the procedure below:

The passport application requires the candidates to produce a birth proof, and this requires a birth certificate. This birth documentation can be provided by several means. Such as the Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Authorities or district authority of births and deaths registrar, date of birth certificate from the school last attended or any registered educational institute attended by the applicant. Along with an affidavit sworn by the applicant in front of a Magistrate/Notary declaring date of birth by illiterate or semi-literate applicants.

These modes of submission of the date of birth proof are applicable for the people who fail to show a valid birth certificate during form submission in any circumstances. For the candidates born on or after 26th January 1989, a legal birth proof issued by the Municipal Authority or the District Office of birth and death registrar is compulsory for the passport.


The steps specified below are for those, who want to reapply for a Birth certificate because they have lost or misplaced it.

The candidates who have lost their birth certificate are in a state of a pile if they want a passport as it makes compulsion for them to have the same but there is a systematic way to get your birth certificate issued once again. If the applicant wants a new birth proof, they can visit the Municipal Committee office of the place where they were born and apply for a new birth certificate.

They can do so by applying for issuing a new birth certificate if the authorities have a record of their birth date. The Municipality or the registrar will then issue your new birth certificate with ease. If the record of your birth is not present in the Municipal Office, then you have to request them to issue you a Non–Availability Certificate.

This “ Non-Availability Certificate” has to be taken to the lawyer, your lawyer will then make sure to have a court order for issuing new birth certificate by the municipal committee. At the committee, you will have to produce documents to prove your date of birth like your Voter’s ID, Aadhar card or class 10th certificate. Once the office has confirmed your date of birth, your new birth certificate will be issued that you can use to get your passport.

No matter which state or city you live in, the steps remain same. This detail applies to all the states.

Uttar Pradesh Odisha Himachal Pradesh
Maharashtra Telangana Tripura
Bihar Kerala Meghalaya
West Bengal Jharkhand Manipur
Madhya Pradesh Assam Nagaland
Tamil Nadu Punjab Goa
Rajasthan Chhattisgarh Arunachal Pradesh
Karnataka Haryana Mizoram
Gujarat Jammu and Kashmir Sikkim
Andhra Pradesh Uttarakhand

Make sure this process is long and tedious. Therefore, applicants should keep their documents safe, protected, and guarded against theft or loss as this whole procedure or Reapply to the Birth Certificate can be avoided by being cautious.

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