Online Voter Card Correction – Online Form and Guide

Online Voter Card Correction

Online Method to do corrections in your Voter ID Card. Steps to update, How to modify the details of Voter Card easily Online, Make Correction in Name, Address, Gender, Photo, Parents Name Information online.

Voter-ID-Card-Correction-Form-onlineToday we have got the solution to a common problem, which are incorrect details in voter ID card. There are many people around who face this issue because of previously made voter cards. It is possible that due to any human error or for any other reasons, the details of the voter card may get incorrect. If the wrong info is entered into the system, it is natural that you will receive voter card with that false information. But, now it is possible to update the voter card details. This article will help you in the voter card correction via online mode. We will be providing you with a direct link to revise voter card application form online.


As voter card is required at many places, it becomes necessary that every piece of detail is correct. In case of any incorrect information, the voter card won’t be acknowledged, and you need to provide another ID proof. The general mistakes include – Spelling errors in name or Address, wrong gender specification, incorrect birth date, etc. All this can be modified easily online. Let’s find out how to make changes in the voter card information.

Note – The correction can only be done if your name exists in voter list. If you name is not present on the voter list, then you won’t be able to make changes.



  • Firstly, visit the National Voter’s Service Portal.
  • While you scroll a little; there you will see a link “Correction of entries in Electoral Roll.”
  • Click on that link.
  • It will open up another web page where various online application forms will be listed:
  • To change the information, you need to click on “Form 8.”
  • Here at form 8 there is an “Application for correction to particulars entered in the electoral roll.“
  • Make sure that you have your voter ID with you so that you know what exactly modification or update you want.
  • Then, select your state and Parliamentary Constituency.
  • At the next step provide your details.

Note – Enter these details very carefully, re-check the spellings.

  • After this provide your complete address.
  • Enter your Voter ID Card number mentioned on your card.
  • To verify the details entered, you to upload any document at the portal that can act as proof. So, upload the scanned copy of any legal documents along with your photo.

Note: You can upload an Identity proof like driving license or an address proof document.

  • Then, mark the section that is incorrect on your voter card. i.e. Name, Gender, Address, or City whichever is not right.
  • Specify the place and enter the details.
  • Provide your contact number and email id in the space below your form.
  • Before hitting the submit button make sure that every piece of information provided by you is correct and the proper documents, photograph is upload. You can also save the given information by clicking on “save.”
  • After assuring hit the submit button.
  • You will get a confirmation after submission.
  • In the next voter’s list, you will see the updated information.

You can Download the PDF for Online Form Filling Instructions by clicking here – FORM 8

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