Offbeat places to Visit in Goa

If you think you have explored Goa for whatever it is, then you should probably check out the list. It seems like Goa is a pot of surprise to every visitor. The moment you think you are done with it, it will surprise you with yet another place. The city is a lot more than just booze, party and sunbathe. So, here are some places that we, as a traveler, tend to miss out while our visit to the beautiful city.

Divar Island

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You would have never imagined that there will be such a serene and calm place in the land of party poppers. This island will let you have the most of your vacation along with a stunning view of the sea. Reaching the island is convenient much too. Several ferries will take you to the island which is operated in every 15 minutes.


Temples and Churches

  • Mangeshi Temple – amongst the famous churches and beaches, there is this beautiful temple in Goa that attracts the attention of very few visitors. The outstanding architecture of the temple is a must visit for everyone.
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  • Church of St. Cajetan – Church of St. Cajetan possess a very strong resemblance to the popular St. Peters Basilica church in Rome. Since Goa is not much diverse and most of the people follows Christianity here, you will find a lot of churches here. While some of them are very famous, some are quite underrated. And the Church of St. Cajetan is absolutely one of them. This beautiful church will make you regret that why didn’t you visit it before.
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Clubs and Pubs

  • Club Cubana – if hippy lights are what gives you a party trip, then this is the best place to be. Club Cubana is located on the top of the Arpora hill in North Goa. Flashy lights, spacious dance floor and a swimming pool with lounge will keep you grooving for the entire time you are there.
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  • Mambos – Mambos is considered to be one of the best party places in Goa. Along with the great dance floor and lots of Indian and Foreign tourists to accompany you, you can enjoy some lip-smacking dishes there too.
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  • Shiva valley – party lover? Alright! But if you are a psychedelic lover then is one place that you absolutely won’t want to miss. This place has trippy lights, psychedelic music, and hipsters all around. It is modeled around the figure Natraj (dancing avatar of Shiva). Don’t know about other clubs and pubs, but this one will give you one experience that you won’t be able to forget ever for your life.
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  • Love Passion Karma – if dancing all night is one thing on your bucket list then you should not miss this place. Trippy lights and extraordinary music will give you the amount of energy that will keep you going for the whole night.
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  • Benaulim Beach – located at just 2 km from Colva beach, it can be proved as a good and relaxing destination if you want to spend a good time at a not so crowded beach. Cool breeze during the evening will take out all your stress.
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  • Ashvem Beach – this is another unfrequented beach that is a good option for a calm and serene evening with your loved ones. You can take a good dip in the sea or just have a warm sunbath here.
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  • Colva beach – Colva is one of the most popular beaches of South Goa. The beautiful white sand of the beach is stretched to 25km on the beach. It is the correct amount of peace and commercialization. And so, there are some shacks and shops where you can go to eat snacks and grab a drink.
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  • Arvalem waterfalls – Arvalem waterfalls is an appropriate place to enjoy when you have children along. These are not huge and can be reached conveniently. During monsoons, the waterfall creates a stunning view and a little rainbow at the side too.
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  • Dudhsagar waterfalls – This four-tiered waterfall will surely blow your mind. During monsoons, nature will be at its full glory and so will the waterfall. The name perfectly justifies the waterfall as Dudh means milk and the water in here is absolutely white giving a view to die for. The trek to the fall is however closed for the public but you can reach it via Kulem trail following the jeep trail.
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  • Todo falls – After the long trek towards Todo fall, you will reach this scintillating waterfall that will be worth of every single drop of sweat you invested in the trek. Todo fall is one of the best waterfalls in Goa. It will actually make you feel close to nature and delve deeper into the beauty of it.
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  • Verna springs – near the village of Cortalim, there is this beautiful spring that remains hidden from the eyes of a tourist. Besides beaches and parties, there are some more things that add up to the beauty of Goa and Verna springs is definitely one of those things.
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Naval Aviation Museum

Famous Museums of India that will Take you Back in History
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Located at Bogmallo, 6 km from Vasco Da Gama, Goa. The museum showcase the evolution of the Indian Naval Air Arm over decades. It is one of the two military aviation museums in India, the other one being Indian Air Force Museum, Pallam, Delhi. The museum is divided into two parts. The outdoor part is a huge park where decommissioned aircraft can be seen some of which dates back to before the 1940’s. In the indoor gallery, people can read and learn about the key battles the Indian Air and Naval forces have participated in.

Surprised much? This time when you visit Goa, make sure you unleash all the hidden gems of the city.

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