Must Visit Places in Indore

Must Visit Places in Indore

Indore the largest and the most crowded city in Madhya Pradesh is not only packed with shopping malls and food streets to eat and roam around, but it also has lot many places that are worth to visit for. Travellers mostly prefer Indore whether be it family, kids, group, and couples. The best time to visit Indore is in the month of February, March, October, November, and December.
Although Indore is known for its food culture and Sarafa market, still there are some of the locations that you should visit at least once. And, explore Indore being completely like a native person.

Check out the tourist destinations in Indore that you need to plan for out at your travel trip.


Omkareshwar_TempleThe famous temple of Omkareshwar is on Mandhata Island. It is one of the holiest places and considered to be one of the 12 Jyotirlinga shrines dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple holds a unique aspect that the land itself is shaped like the symbol of Om. Every year thousand of devotees visit the two holy temples of Omkareshwar and Amareshwar.


rajwada indoreA Palace that is identifies as an iconic structure of Indore. Built by Holkar Dynasty around two centuries ago and ideally known as Holkar Palace, this seven storeyed structure reflects Indo-Saracenic architectural style. The palace has two structures, one of which is located in the city centre, while the other lies in the old part of the city. Rajwada has the most spectacular wooden entrance, covered with iron studs. The door leads to the courtyard, which is surrounded by a gallery of rooms and features an arched Ganesha hall, windows and balconies. Out of the seven floors of this palace, first three floors are built of stone while the remaining four are made of wood.

Ganesh Temple (Khajrana)

khajrana ganesh mandirKhajrana Ganesha Temple built by Rani Ahilyabai Holkar is a spiritual destination among Hindu devotees. For offering prayers, devotees throng this temple on Wednesdays and Sundays. As per the beliefs of local people, all the wishes of the devotees get fulfilled, once they worship here.
One of the major festivals Vinayak Chaturthi is celebrated in the name of Lord Ganesha. Every year, in August and September, a fair is held in the region of Khajrana. The major focus of this fair is the Khajrana Ganesha Temple.


patalpani_indoreAn excellent picnic spot with cascading waterfalls from a height of 200 – 300 ft. defines Patalpani. The picturesque and calm ambience around the falls set amidst lush greenery which is worth to visit. The reason behind its name is because of the depth of the pool that is formed by the waterfall which is considered to go into the netherworld, thus the name- Patalpani. The hill ranges and rugged terrain makes it a perfect place to go trekking and hiking.

Annapurna Temple

annapurna templeA traditional temple dedicated to the Goddess Annapurna, which is thronged by devotees of Hindu religious community. According to the Hindu mythology, Devi Annapurna is believed to be the goddess of food.

Goddess Paravati is known by the name of Annapurna Devi, as she once proved to Lord Shiva that food was not a part of the world of illusion. The deity of the goddess is shown holding a ladle and a container of porridge in her hands. This signifies that worshipping her with the core of their heart will never be hungry.

Bada Ganpati

bada-ganpati-indoreBada Ganpati Temple built in 1875 during the reign of Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar. This temple is situated at the western end of M.G. Road in Indore. The statue of Lord Ganesha in the temple is 25 ft. in height, which makes it one of the largest deity of Lord Ganesha in the world.

The construction material used in carving the deity of Lord Ganesha comprised limestone, jaggery, bricks, soil and water. Mud utilised for the shaping of this idol was brought from Varanasi and Mathura. The frame of the deity was made of metals such as gold, silver and other metals.

Kanch Mandir

kanch mandirOne can judge by its name; A temple consisted of glass and mirrors. Built by Sir Hukamchand Seth in the early 20th century, this temple is often called as Seth Hukamchand Temple. This beautiful sacred place is popular amongst the people of the Jain community, as an idol of Lord Mahavira, who was the founder of Jainism, is the presiding deity of the temple.

The statue of Lord Mahavira is made of black onyx and adorned with colourful glass beads. All the walls, ceiling, floor, pillars, and doors of the temple are entirely made of glass. Along with mirrors, patterned ceramic tiles are also used for decorating the place. The temple also features delicate crafted Chinese lantern-type glass lamps and glass cut chandeliers. Tourists can spot the 50 murals, each of which depicts one of the Jain stories.

Lal Bagh Palace

lal bagh palace indoreThis place was built by Maharaja Shivaji Rao Holkar, during 1886 and 1921. Lal Bagh Palace is located on the bank of River Khan, and most probably this three-storeyed structure is used for hosting royal receptions. Initially, the construction of it began in 1886, under the reign of Tukoji Rao Holkar II. The final phase of construction got completed in 1921, under the rule of Tukoji Rao Holkar III.

Spread over the area of 11,3311.98 sq.m, this palace holds an exhibit of prehistoric artefacts. The 1st floor of the mansion contains a display of coin collection, which dates back to Muslim period. This castle also houses exhibits of contemporary Indian and Italian paintings. The interiors of the palace are similar to that of Versailles Palace and feature Italian marble columns, chandeliers, flying nymphs on the ceiling and Belgium stained glass windows.

Nehru Park

Kamala-Nehru-Park-indoreA zoological park, which is popularly known as Chidiya Ghar. Situated on AB Road between Naulakha and Chhawani, Kamla Nehru Park overlooks the River Khan on one side. On another end of the park, there is a playing area, which includes small rides and open garden.

Tourists visiting the zoo can witness a variety of birds, animals, amphibians, carnivores and omnivores here.  Specially brought up an animal like a white tigress and its cubs can also be seen. This Zoo is conservation, education, and recreation organisation. The Zoo has been dedicated to the reproduction, protection, and exhibition of animals and plants in their natural habitats. Buggy rides, goat carts, pony rides, elephant rides and camel rides can be enjoyed by the tourists visiting the zoo.

Meghdoot Upvan

meghdoot upvanThis is one of the largest gardens in Indore, which is located four kilometres away from Palasia square, on the outskirts of the city. The Upvan comprises lawns, landscaped gardens, lights, and dancing fountains. Near to the garden lies an amusement park Mangal Merry Land, which attracts tourists and local people on weekends.

Indore Museum

central-museum-of-indoreIndore Museum, popularly known as Central Museum, is located near the General Post Office in Indore. The artefacts exhibited in the museum ranges from the prehistoric to the modern era. Museum has two galleries, out of which Gallery I includes all the objects from ancient period of MP ranging from 5,000 to 4,000 BC. This museum also holds exhibits from western Malwa, which includes stone tools, quartz sickles, ornaments and items of domestic use.

The Gallery II of this museum contains the display of Hindu mythological carvings. The main highlight of the museum is a collection of coins, arms and armour. Exhibit in the museum also includes sculptures, which date back to 11th and 12th century.

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