Most famous and huge temples in India

India is the land of diverse people and their diverse religions. People from all around the country have different beliefs and cultures. And thus, it doesn’t come as a shock that the country is gifted with around two million gods and their devotees don’t leave any stone unturned to worship them and gain their blessings. When we talk about gods and religions, other countries are poor and the only millionaire country is India – said Mark Twain.

There are so many little and large temples in every corner of the country. But here’s the list of all the famous and huge temples all around which attracts thousands of pilgrims every day to worship the gods and get all their wishes granted.


Kanchipuram temples

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Kanchipuram is situated in the city of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu, which is also called ‘the city of thousand temples’. It is one of the seven sacred Hindu temples where it is said that one can attain Moksha. The architecture and the carvings on the temple are astonishing and will leave you awestruck. There are many temples inside Kanchipuram temples. The major ones are Kamakshi, Amman temples, Ekambareswarar temples, and Varadaraja Perumal temples.


Virupaksha temples

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Virupaksha temple was built in the 7th century and has been a temple ever since it came into existence. It is situated in the village Hampi, Karnataka. It is one of the other famous temples in Hampi which all has been recognized by UNESCO. The temple is basically a shrine of Lord Vishnu. Shiva in this temple is in the form of Virupaksha who is associated with the local Goddess, Pampa and that is the reason why the temple is also called Pampapathi temple.


Akshardham temple

Akshardham temple
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Akshardham temple is situated near the banks of river Yamuna in Delhi. It is constructed on the principle of Pancharatra Shastra and Vastu Shastra combined with Indian architecture which can be clearly seen in the beautiful carvings on the walls of the temple. The 11 feet high idol, lying on the central dome of the temple is of Lord Swaminarayan who is the principal deity of the temple. The structure is of Rajasthani pink stone and Italian Carrara marble. The information and the history of the Swaminarayan sect and its founder is given to the visitors through exhibition, movies, statues and boat ride.


Sanchi Stupa

Sanchi Stupa
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Sanchi stupa is the holy place of Buddhists built in the shape of domes that consists of the relics of Buddha. It is situated in the village named Raisen in Madhya Pradesh. Apart from Sanchi Stupa, there are a number of other Buddhist temples too. It was built in between 3rd century BC to 12th century AD by the great emperor Asoka. It is recognized as world’s heritage site by UNESCO.


Brihadeeswara Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India

Brihadeeswara temple is also called Peruvudaiyar Kovil or RajaRajeswaram and it was built in 11th century by great emperor Raja Raja Chola I. It is situated in Thanjavur city of Tamil Nadu and remains the largest temple in India. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is entirely made up of granite stones and one interesting fact about it is that at the time of noon, the temple doesn’t leave any shadow on the ground. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


The Konark Sun Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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The sun temple is dedicated to Lord Sun and it is built in the shape of a chariot. It looks like it has twelve wheels and is being dragged by the seven horses. It is situated in the small town, Konark, Odisha. It is believed that the temple was constructed in the 13th century by a king called Narsimhadeva. The temple is related to a legend that god Krishna cursed one of his own sons with leprosy. To overcome that, Samba worshipped Lord Sun for twelve years after which he healed him. To pay gratitude, Samba made the temple.


Badrinath Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Badrinath temple is located close to the river Alaknanda in the Chamoli district, a small town of Badrinath (Uttarakhand). This is a holy shrine which forms a part of four holiest sites also called Chaar Dhaam in Hindu religion. The temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is one of the 108 temples that are dedicated to Lord Vishnu. There are two major festivals that are related to the temple which are Mata Murti Ka Mela and Badri Kedar festival.


Somnath Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Som means moon, thus, it is dedicated to Somnath which means ‘the protector of moon good’. It is one of the oldest pilgrimage centers in the country whose mention you will be able to find in ancient books such as Shivpuran, Skandpuran, and Shreemad Bhagvat. Somnath temple was destroyed and rebuilt many times. It consists of Junagadh gate, Somnath museum, beach, and sound & light show for the entertainment of people.


Kedarnath Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Kedarnath temple is situated in the Himalayan range in Gharwal area (Uttarakhand). It is one of the most sacred Shiva temples in the country. It is also one of the Chota Chaar Dhaams of the Uttarakhand. It is said that the holy temple was built by the Pandava to compensate for the sins during the battle with Kauravas. It requires to climb 14 km on the hilly surface to reach the temple.


Ramanathaswamy (Rameshwaram) Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India

It is one of the chaar dhaam temple situated in the small town of Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. It is believed that Lord Rama and his wife Sita landed here after killing Ravana who was a Brahmin, so to make up for killing a Brahmin he visited here to worship Lord Shiva.


Vaishno Devi Mandir

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Vaishno Devi temple located in Jammu and Kashmir, near Katra town is situated on a hill at an altitude of 5200 ft. in a mountain called Trikuta. Thousands of visitors come here to worship Vaishno Devi. It is believed that it is goddess Vaishno who decides her visitors. Anyone who makes it to the shrine is because she called them.


Siddhivinayak Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Siddhivinayak temple is the temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha as he is the supreme deity of all and is worshipped first before commencing any new work or assignment. It is located at Prabha Devi, Mumbai built in the 18th century. Siddhivinayak temple has one of the eight images of Ganapati and the others are spread over seven temples in Maharashtra.


Golden Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India

The golden temple which is also known as Darbar Sahib or Sri Harminder Singh is the most religious and pious place for Sikhs all around the country. The temple is built on the value of brotherhood and equality as there are four doors opening in four different directions which represent that people from any race, religion or caste are welcomed here to seek spiritual blessings.


Lord Jagannath Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India

Jagannath temple is situated in Puri (Orissa) and was built in the 12th century. It is also known as Jagannath Puri and is dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple is one of the holiest places, Chaar dhaams of India. There are three temples. One of the main temples has an idol of Lord Krishna and the idols of Lord Balabhadra (brother) and Goddess Subhadra (sister) are placed in the other two temples.


Meenakshi Temple

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This architectural wonder is situated in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The temple has a hall with 985 pillars all of which are differently carved. According to one of the legends, the pond was created by Lord Shiva himself and is older than the temple. Meenakshi temple was among the 30 nominees for the ‘New Seven Wonders’ of the world.


Lingaraja Temple

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The temple city of India – Orisha is the home of the largest and oldest temple of the city. The typical architectural style Kalinga doesn’t just attract Hindus but also Historians. However, Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple. The idol of Lingaraja symbolizes both Shiva and Vishnu and the combined name of both the gods is called Harihara.


Tirupati Balaji

Most famous and huge temples in India
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The temple located in the town of Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh is devoted to Lord Venkateshwara who is popular by the name Balaji and is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Tirupati Balaji is the second richest site where people offer money and gold to the Lord and running into millions every day. This ancient temple has been visited by great rulers of several dynasties. The laddoos which are given in the temple as a form of Prasad is quite popular for its unique taste in the world.


Khajuraho Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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There are several temples built in 10th to 12th century in the town Khajuraho in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The temple is spread across an area of 20 sq km and is dedicated to the deities of Hindus and Jain. The temples are famous for the erotic carvings on the temples which depicts the activities of routine life. It is believed that earlier there were 75 temples in the area but now there are only 20 temples remaining.


Shree Digambar Jain Lal Mandir

Most famous and huge temples in India
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The temple was built in 1656 during the reigns of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. It is the oldest Jain temple in Delhi. It was made in honor of 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism, Lord Parshwanarth. The temple is made up of red sandstone.


Gomateshwara Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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It is situated in the town of Shravanabelagola in Karnataka and is dedicated to Lord Bahubali. The statue of the lord is the main attraction of the temple where the enormous status stands a height of 58.8 ft. The surprising thing about the statue is that it is made out of a single granite rock. The entire statue is standing without any external support. The most important event comes once every 12 years when the idol of Lord Bahubali is bathed with different things such as sugarcane, saffron, milk, turmeric and are offered various precious stones and coins.


Laxminarayan Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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Laxminarayan is a form of Lord Vishnu when he is with Goddess Lakshmi. The temple has a number of shrines where the primary shrine is devoted to Laxminarayan and other small shrines which are dedicated to other Gods like Shiva, Hanuman, Krishna, Ganesh, and Buddha. The temple was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1939 built by the industrialist Baldeo Das Birla in Delhi.


Iskcon Temple

Most famous and huge temples in India
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ISKCON stands for (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) is also known as Krishna Balaram Mandir. It was built in the year 1975 located in the holy land of Vrindavan (Mathura, Uttar Pradesh). The land is believed to be the abode of Lord Krishna when he was young. You can hear ‘Hare Krishna’ chants in the temple all hours of the day.

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