MNP Guide – How to Port your Number to Reliance Jio 4G?

 How to Port your Number to Reliance Jio 4G?

A guide to port your Existing Number to Jio 4G – Switch to Reliance Jio Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

With the advancement and easy portability options, we have come up with the guide for all the people who want to switch to Jio 4g. The mobile number portability for Jio has started from 5th September 2016. So, all the users of Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL or any other telecom service who are interested in this guide will be able to port to Jio from 5th September onwards.


By seeing the long queues outside the Jio stores, one can justify that many of the people are interested in Jio 4G unlimited plan. Due to huge public interest, the process of providing Free Jio 4G sim is getting delayed. Because of this lengthy procedure, users are looking for other options like portability. Many users are showing interest in porting their number to reliance Jio. But, there are many questions left unanswered related to this thing. Here, through the article, we will be trying to answer all your queries.



MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability. Using this service, users can switch to any other network without changing their mobile number. For any mobile network company, it is must obtain LRN to provide this portability service to the users. Consider LRN as the license for any company to the provide MNP facilities. This permit is given circle wise or area wise. Businesses can provide number portability services to only particular areas of which they have been allocated LRN.

And, this is the good news for all Jio Lovers that Jio has been assigned LRN for over 22 telecom areas. Which means that now any GSM, CDMA (2G or 3G) a user can port-out from his service provider to Jio 4G services.


There is a standard procedure for MNP. No matter who is your current mobile network provider, the process is same. Kindly follow the steps below–

  • Firstly, send an SMS – PORT <Mobile Number> to 1900
    example – PORT 1234567890

Note – Please note that this porting code has an expiry date. You have to apply before the expiry date at the Jio Store for portability. 

  • Visit the nearest Jio Store and fill up the Subscriber Enrollment form.
  • Provide your ID, address proof and passport size photograph along with the application.
  • Take the new sim from the store.
  • Till then, the back end team will communicate with your old service provider for permission.
  • Once the approval is provided, your application will be processed further.
  • Your current network operator will disconnect the number on a specified date and will inform the Jio Operator.
  • And, then the Jio officials will take the concerned key in their authority. They will claim the number.
  • The whole process takes almost four days to accomplish.
  • Once you receive any sms regarding disconnection from an old service provider, you can insert your New Jio Sim.

You can now use all the Reliance Jio 4G services without any issues on your existing number once the number is ported to Jio.

This information is valid for –

  1. Porting Airtel Number to Reliance Jio.
  2. Porting Vodafone Mobile Number to Jio.
  3. Porting Idea Number to Reliance Jio 4G.
  4. Or Porting any mobile number to Jio.

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