Major Dams in India Every Wanderer Should Visit At least Once

India is a home of several majestic rivers like Ganga, Narmada, Brahmaputra, etc. and for the same reason, it is blessed with numerous dams and reservoirs too. These dams are not only famous and an attraction point in India but in the entire world. For example, Tehri dam is the 8th largest dam in the world, the great anicut of Kallanai in Tamil Nadu is the oldest dam in the world.


Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand

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Tehri Dam is the highest dam in India which stands at a magnificent height of about 261 meters and is the 8th largest dam in the world. The dam is being constructed in 3 phases out of which phase 1 was completed in the year 2006 and the rest of the phases are under construction. It consists of high rock and earth fill embankments.


Bhakra Nangal Dam, Himachal Pradesh

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Bhakra Nangal Dam situated across Sutlej River in Himachal Pradesh is the largest dam in India with a height of 225 meters and it is spread at the length of 520 meters. In Asia, it stands at the second position. Bhakra Nangal Dam is a gravity Dam and the reservoir around it is known as ‘Gobind Sagar Lake’.


Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat

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Sardar Sarovar Dam which is also known as Narmada Dam is under construction and it is planned to be the largest dam to be built. With a height of 163 meters, the dam is to be built over the Sacred Narmada River of Gujarat. The majestic dam was constructed to contribute to the large irrigation project. Sardar Sarovar Dam benefitted four states namely Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh.


Hirakud Dam, Orissa

Source: OrissaPOST

Hirakud Dam has a height of 200 feet and is the longest running reservoir that spans a gross area of 55 km. This is the first Dam in India where a river project was started. This Dam which is built on River Mahanadi and was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1957.


Nagarjuna Sagar Dam -Andhra Pradesh

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Nagarjuna Sagar Dam stands at a height of 490 feet on the River Krishna. This dam runs across 16 km with an enormous capacity of 11,472,000,000 cubic meters. The power of the dam can be analyzed by the fact that it produces 815 megawatts of hydroelectricity. It has 26 large gates to release water and over the frame of time, it has gained a huge amount of fame as the tourist attraction point in Andhra Pradesh.


Cheruthoni Dam, Kerala

Source: The Hindu

Cheruthoni Dam is located in the Idukki town of Kerala which is also very close to Idukki Arch Dam. This dam is constructed across River Cheruthoni at a height of 454 feet. Idukki is a hill station which is very famous for its wildlife treasure where a number of tourists flock every year. The majestic height of the Dam provides a thrilling experience and stunning landscape of green valley surrounding the entire area.


Indira Sagar Dam, Madhya Pradesh

Source: India-WRIS

A well-known dam situated in the heart of Madhya Pradesh. Indira Sagar Dam has a capacity to hold back 12 million cubic meters of water. Standing at the height 300 feet on the River of Narmada. A number of irrigation projects have been initiated at Indirasagar Dam and the Dam has the potential to generate about 1000 megawatts of hydroelectricity.


Krishnarajasagar Dam, Karnataka

Source: Deccan Chronicle

Krishnarajasagar which is also known as KRS is the name of both the Dam and the Lake on which the Dam is formed. The region of Mysore has been historically dry and faced drought situations after which the Dam was formed. The dam stands at a height of 125 feet and has an installed capacity of around 200 MW. There is a famous and beautiful garden which is attached to the dam called Brindavan Gardens.


Mettur Dam, Tamil Nadu

Source: Tamilnadu Tourist Places

The construction of the dam took complete 9 years. It is built across River Kaveri. Mettur Dam stands at a height of 214 feet stretching all the way to a width of 171 feet. Mettur Dam attracts a number of tourists on a regular basis who loves to explore nature and scenic beauty of Tamil Nadu.


Tungabhadra Dam, Karnataka

Source: The Hindu

Located at a distance of 5 km from the Hospet town of Karnataka, Tungabhadra Dam is built across the River Krishna. The height and the length of the Dam are around 49.38 meters and 2441 meters respectively. Visitors can have a wonderful sight of the beauty of the Dam and river along with a Japanese garden near it.

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