Lost or Misplaced Aadhaar Card – Apply for Duplicate Aadhaar

 Apply for Duplicate Aadhaar

Details about how to apply for duplicate AADHAAR card and find the Aadhaar card number and acknowledgment slip online. 

Don’t panic, if you have lost or misplaced your AADHAAR card. If you have the AADHAAR card number or confirmation slip that were given to you at registration time, you can easily download duplicate AADHAAR card copy online. The duplicate AADHAAR card has the same validity as the original one.

If you do not know your AADHAAR number and don’t have the acknowledgment slip that was specified to you at the time of registration, follow the instructions below to try and get the duplicate AADHAAR card.

If in any circumstances, you have lost or misplaced your AADHAAR card Enrollment ID and didn’t know about AADHAR card number, you can get the Aadhaar card number by following the steps below:

  1. Go to https://resident.uidai.net.in/find-uid-eid. 
  2. Select suitable option, “Aadhaar No. (UID)” or “Enrolment No. (EID),” under “You want to receive your lost:”
  3. Enter your full name, email address, and registered Mobile Number.
  4. Enter the security code as displayed on the screen and click on “Get OTP” button.
  5. One Time Password will be sent to your mobile phone and email address.
  6. In the box below, enter the OTP you just received on your phone and email address.
  7. Click on “Verify OTP.”
  • Now you will get a message on your mobile with your AADHAR card number or Enrollment ID as mentioned in Step 2 above.
  • Now, go to the link https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/
  • Select suitable option, “Enrollment Id” OR “Aadhaar,” under “I have:
  • Enter your Aadhaar card number or Enrollment Id, full name, Pin Code, security text and contact number (mobile).
  • Click on “Get OTP.”
  • One Time Password will be delivered to your mobile and email address.
  • Enter the OTP you just received on your mobile in the “Enter OTP” box and click on “Validate and Download.”
  • Now you have downloaded your e-Aadhar card. Enter the Pin Code as the password when you open the PDF document.
  • Now, you have your e-AADHAR card, which you can take a printout.

Contact UIDAI through a toll-free number (1800-300-1947) and try and find out your AADHAAR card information by providing them your demographic information such as your name, address, date of birth, phone no. etc.

Call the toll free number and talk to the UIDAI representative about your lost card. They will assist you with sending a duplicate AADHAAR card at your registered postal address, to your registered email id and also can SMS you the AADHAAR number details to your registered phone number.

If you are unable to contact UIDAI over the phone/email, you can also connect with your nearby Aadhaar card regional office concerning your lost card. Bring all the documents that you had submitted originally to the office. To contact nearby AADHAAR card local office click here: AADHAAR Card Regional Office(s).

If none of the above help, contact your nearby AADHAAR card centre regarding your lost card. Bring all the documents you had submitted originally to the centre. To find or contact nearby AADHAAR card centre click here: AADHAAR Card Centres.

However, if you have lost your AADHAAR card enrollment slip, getting duplicate AADHAAR card may be a bit confusing, as there is no online system in place at the moment to get duplicate AADHAAR card without AADHAAR card enrollment slip. For more details click here: AADHAAR Card Enrollment Acknowledgement Slip Lost.

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