Know about Mission One Click Yojana for Madhya Pradesh

Know about Mission One Click Yojana for Madhya Pradesh

The State Government of Madhya Pradesh has commenced a new scheme named ‘Mission One Click Yojana (MOCY)’ for the students of the state.

What is MOCY?

MOCY is a scheme powered by the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

Under this scheme;

  • The entitled students of the state will be provided scholarships.
  • There will be a direct payment of scholarship amount to the bank account of the recipient.

Generally, the scholarships are paid by the government in form of cheques in the name of the candidate or the recipient’s parent / legal guardian. This MOCY scheme will be useful for all the school going students who belong to poor and backward families and have the will to study more and perform well in their academics.

Eligible Criteria for MOCY

  • MOCY (Mission One Click Yojana) scheme is only for the school going students who study in the government schools of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Only, the school students of 1st to 12th class are entitled to this scholarship scheme.
  • The students must belong to a poor and economic background, backward family and the family must have BPL (Below Poverty Line) cards.
  • Also, students who are from backward communities such as Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes will also get the full benefit of the MOCY scholarship scheme.
  • The scheme is for the students who need extra financial support because of their poor financial and social background will be comforted with the MOCY scheme and focus on utilizing this scholarship amount in their studies.

Procedure to apply:

  • MOCY (Mission One Click Yojana) is a total cashless scholarship scheme. Under this scheme, the Government will credit the funds for scholarships directly to the student’s account.
  • When a student will be selected for the scholarship program, the school will record all the bank account details of the student.
  • There will be an online registration portal for this scheme.
  • The bank account may either be a single account of the student, or a minor account or joint account of student and parent.
  • The Jan Dhan accounts will also be eligible for the scheme.
  • Those students, who will not have bank accounts, the parent or legal guardian, must possess a bank account so that the scholarship money will be transferred.

Features of the Mission One Click Yojana

  • The scholarships under MOCY will be directly transferred to the registered bank accounts of the school students. No payment will be made through cash or cheque.
  • This ambitious educational scheme by MP govt. will benefit all those needy students who need government’s support for their education.
  • The government will provide scholarships to nearly 66 lac school students who were eligible for the MOCY scheme.
  • This novel initiative will have no such delay in the implementation process. As the name suggests, the scheme will be completed in just one click.
  • Funds of Rs. 404 crore has been approved for the scholarship scheme by the government.

Mission One Click Yojana Online Portal

  • The government has made an online portal for the success of this scheme which is:

  • This website contains all the information about the scheme.
  • Students can get all the information regarding the scheme by visiting this web page.
  • The students will be given a Samagra ID after online registration which may be used to check the payment status through the link:

  • One can also register grievances through this portal:

  • Two sections are there for complaint registration, one for school and another for the student.

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