Know about Delhi Odd Even Car Number System

Delhi Odd Even Car Number System

What is New Rule of Delhi Government for Car Drivers, Odd & Even Car Number System Proposal? Get detailed information about it.

Delhi-Odd-Even-Vehicle-Driving-DecisionAs per the reports, the pollution level in Delhi is at a critical stage. Recently, it was found that the air in Delhi is most populated in the world. Delhi Government was criticised for not taking any action towards this matter. However, on 4Th December 2015, Delhi government made a proposal, which is remarkable and first of its kind. Referred as Odd/Even Car number System, this is a step to control pollution in Delhi.

As this proposal is new, most of the people are not aware of the details and announcement. Basic queries related to it are – What is Odd/Even Car system? How will it work and what will be the impacts? Here, in this article, all these issues are addressed. Another important thing to be mentioned here is that this new system has been active from 1st January 2016.


As we all know that traffic in Delhi has grown to a critical level and leads to lots of pollution. For the Residents of Delhi, it is understandable how difficult it is to drive a car. Here, we can see how the system will work:

▪   For odd or even consideration, the last digit of your Vehicle Registration number will be used.

▪   These Odd and Even numbered vehicles will be allowed to drive on alternate days.

▪   For Example – If the last digits of vehicle number are even i.e. 0,2,4,6,8 then one can drive the car on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday and if the last digit is odd i.e. 1,3,5,7,9 then person will be allowed to drive the vehicle on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Here are some more features –

▪   The rule applies to Private Vehicles only.

▪   This Rule does not apply to vehicles registered outside Delhi.

The concerned department soon will provide more elaborated information. All might not like this Decision, but Government is bound to take strict actions against pollution. Delhi High Court mentioned that living a life in Delhi is like, living in “Gas Chamber”. After this sentence, Mr. Kejriwal organised a meeting to discuss this issue. This proposal of odd-even car driving system is a result of the same meeting. Some other decisions related to this meeting are –

  • After 11:00 P.M. only trucks will be allowed to drive.
  • As per the decision of Government, vehicles have to follow Euro VI Standards by 2017.
  • Badarpur Thermal power station will shut down.

Well, most of the people are against all these decisions? But, do you think such strict actions will help in getting Delhi rid of pollution?
What are your views about it? Feel free to leave the comments below.

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