Information about Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme

 Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme

Narendra Modi initiates Startup India – Stand Up India Scheme on 16th January 2016. You can also know about this programme in Hindi here.

On 5th April, PM Narendra Modi has officially launched the scheme in Noida. The official website has been set up. Now, it is easier for all to get detailed information regarding the Startup India plan. As notified earlier, the portal was made live on 1st April 2016. All the information relating to the online application forms, how to apply for loan etc. are provided on that. You can go through the “Action plan” to see how it works. For all the latest notifications, you can scroll to “Notification” Section. Interested applicants can download a pdf file containing the list of incubators. For List of SEBI Registered funds, you can visit this link. Those who have any query regarding the “Startup India Scheme” can also make use of the Official Contact Us Page. A toll-free number and helpline email for customer questions have been set up. You can find information regarding the same at the end of the article.


On 16th January 2016, the whole world witnessed the launch of an ambitious programme in India. The launch event took place at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. Many of the people are still not clear about the goals, highlights and features of Startup India programme. That’s for the reason this article is going to provide all the available details regarding the same. So, for any queries related to this project like – What is StartUp India Stand Up India Scheme? Who can apply for it? How to apply? Application Form downloads, and so on.


What is StartUp India Scheme?

The economy of any country relies on its human power. Larger the number of employed or working people, better be the economy. The Indian government realised that people have the potential to work hard, all they need is, a promising business plan. Many of the individuals dream of starting their own company, but due to financial or other similar issues, they are unable to do so. So, the Indian government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi has decided to offer a tribute to a nationwide program- “Start Up India”.

Narendra Modi in his speech acknowledged that Indians have ideas and capability, all they need is a little help.

“Start Up India” is a revolutionary project that has been initiated to assist the people who wish to start their own business. Those individuals who have ideas and capability, the government will give them support to make sure they can implement their ideas and grow. The success of this scheme will eventually raise India towards a better economy and become an active nation.

From Job Seekers to Job Creators – Start Up India Scheme

During his speech at the event, Mr. Modi said that we are trying to generate the young job creators rather than job seekers. He also stated that one’s mindset should not be towards earning money in the initial phase, it should be rather on grabbing and utilising the opportunities.

Technology is evolving at the faster pace than ever. It has given birth to various new business cultures like E-commerce, Internet marketing, etc. So, there is a huge scope of development in such areas. Those who wish and plan to start a new business are eligible to apply for this scheme.

Action Plan details – Start Up India Stand Up India Scheme

  • E- registration will be taken care of. The application forms for a start up India will be made available in April 2016.
  • A self-certification system will be launched.
  • A dedicated website and mobile app will be developed.
  • An arrangement of self-certificate based compliance.
  • No inspection during the initial 3 years.
  • 80% reduction in the application fee of start up patent.
  • Easy exit policy.
  • The inclusion of Credit Guarantee Fund.
  • Relaxation in Income Tax for first three years.
  • Ad hoc arrangement for Female applicants
  • An introduction of Atal Innovation Mission. Innovation courses will be for the students.

start-up-India-details-in-HindiAs per the sources, the online forms will be launched in early April 2016. Interested candidates need to give the required details in the application form. Submitted requests will be reviewed, and if accepted, the government will provide the suitable Assistance.

Start up India Helpline:

Email –

Toll-Free number – 1800115565

If you are looking for information in Hindi, Download and view the given PDF.

Download Start Up India Scheme in Hindi – Start-Up-India

Download Start Up India Action Plan Official – Click Here

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