India’s biggest street shopping markets

The title above probably would’ve attracted a lot of shopaholics from all around the world. And trust me it would be absolutely worth it. Shopping is one thing which is irresistible for people of any age, gender, color, race or anything. The love for shopping is boundless. This is one thing which nobody can live without. And just for your information, no city in India is behind in this concern. Every city has a specialty in its shopping spree. And here we bring you the best shopping markets from all around the country. Beware! do not spend your entire pocket money at these places.


Commercial Street – Bangalore

India's biggest street shopping markets
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Get ready to empty your pockets at Commercial Street in Bangalore because this is one stop for everything. Whether you are looking for usual quirky stuff in a minimal budget or some high-end brands with all the luxury, Commercial Street has it all. And in case some shopping freak has dragged you in here and you have absolutely no interest whatsoever then worry not, it has some amazing food joints that would be the savior for you.


Sarojini Nagar – Delhi

India's biggest street shopping markets
Source: Telangana today

A piece of clothing, jewelry, accessory, footwear, basically an entire set in under Rs. 1000. Doesn’t look possible no? Well, here is the good news, at Sarojini Nagar you can get literally everything at mind blasting prices. From clothes, accessories to home essentials you can find all of them and what makes this market exclusive is that you can literally bargain on everything. Even a hairpin.


Janpath Nagar – Delhi

India's biggest street shopping markets
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It was earlier called Queen’s way. Janpath means People’s path which justifies its name because of the fantastic street market situated in there. It is most famous for traditional wear but it doesn’t just stop on that because apart from that it has quite a lot of other cool stuff too from daily wear, jewelry, antiques, furniture, and electronics to other sundry and significant items.

Hazratganj – Lucknow

India's biggest street shopping markets
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The busiest shopping area in the town and it has literally everything where you can spend your day to the fullest. Just clothing and daily essentials you would say, the list begins from shopping complexes, cinemas, theaters, hotels, offices, car dealers, exotic handlooms, and so on. The list is never-ending. It has a wide range of clothing material like Lucknow Chikan material, Gurjari, Gandhi Ashram, Handloom emporiums which are sold at major buildings like the British Council.


Lokhandwala Market – Mumbai

India's biggest street shopping markets
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Your feet will start getting hurt after wandering all the lanes and bylanes of Lokhandwala Market and still, you would feel as if you missed something. Here, you will be able to find the exact replica of high-end brands on one hand and on the other hand, the same items of original brand can be found. The expansive market is a shopping fantasy for all the shopaholics out there.


Arpora Saturday Night Bazar, Goa

India's biggest street shopping markets
Source: Travelling Ides of March

So Goa is just limited to parties and beaches, right? Well, wrong. There is a lot of other amazing stuff too and one of them is Arpora Saturday Night Bazar. Since the name clearly says that it is a night market, just imagine the amount of charm this would be containing. The well-lit flea market has a setup of such a melodious music which will set your mood and give your shopping spree a kickass start. Hipster clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, beer all at one place will not just impress the shopaholics but the explorers too.


Mall Road, Darjeeling

India's biggest street shopping markets
Source: travel to ease

Darjeeling is already famous for its capturing atmosphere and comforting temperature and amidst of such environment what’s better than having a long walk on the road and looking for some good stuff to take along with yourself back home? Locals and tourists go to this market with too much excitement and why won’t they? It has some amazing stuff to offer and one of the main attraction is traditional Sikkimese wear.


Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

India's biggest street shopping markets

Weren’t you satisfied with Lokhandwala market in Mumbai already? If not, then we have one more in the list. Colaba Causeway is one unmatched market if you are looking for some amazing beads, slippers, shoes, chains, bags, and purses. And in this market, you need not worry about getting a hole in your pocket because you might get some amazing stuff at very reasonable prices.


Tibetan Market, Shimla

India's biggest street shopping markets
Source: Hindustan times

If the name isn’t fascinating enough then let me get into the details here. You can collect a wide and outstanding stock for your winters here which includes many Tibetan accessories and antiques along with other shoes, bags, woolen clothes, boots, jewelry, Tibetan rugs and carpets, scarves, mufflers, padded jackets, sweaters and the list goes on. Such amazing items will sharpen your bargaining skills even more.


Serenity Beach Bazar, Pondicherry

India's biggest street shopping markets
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One thing which separates it from the rest of the markets is that it is functioned on every weekend in open palm shades and involves a variety of products which will practically complete your shopping spree. You can find a really good deal at products depending upon your bargaining skills. The place is exceptional for shopaholics but along with that, it is well suited for strollers too.


Anjuna Beach Flea Market, Goa

India's biggest street shopping markets
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The place consists of a variety of items to put into your shopping bag and this fact is proved by the fact that the sellers are from different backgrounds of the country like Gujrat, Kashmir, Tibet, Bihar, and other parts of the country. Anjuna Beach was originally created by a bunch of smokers and hipsters but later on, it became one of the mainstream markets. The market includes some of the cool stuff like handicrafts, wooden crafts, wall hangings, t-shirts, artificial jewelry, music CD’s, furnishings and every item that you can name which is trending in the fashion world.

If the list didn’t make you go gaga all over, then you do not have the shopping soul inside you. India is a country which is quite rich in its culture, food but you didn’t know that it has some amazing shopping markets too, right? Tell us how many of them have you visited?

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