Indian Railways Vikalp Scheme

Indian Railways Vikalp Scheme

When we are in a hassle or emergency we try to get a train ticket in a hurry. Often under such circumstances, we do not find a confirmed ticket in the train we want. Vikalp Scheme is easy to use scheme, which provides confirmed ticket in a substitute train when we do not get confirmed ticket in our choice of train.

Under the scheme:

  • The scheme will help the passengers to get into an alternative train if they do not get confirmed ticket.
  • This scheme will also help the waiting list passengers.
  • Vikalp Scheme will be useful because it will allow the passengers a choice to get confirmed seats on an alternative train.

Features of Vikalp Scheme:

  • In order to provide best facilities, the Indian Railways has introduced Vikalp Scheme for those passengers who do not get confirmed ticket.
  • Under the scheme, the railway will provide a facility to the passengers to get a confirmed seat in another train when they do not get confirmed berths in the trains they have booked.
  • The scheme has been initiated on the pilot basis on the Delhi-Lucknow and Delhi-Jammu sector route only.
  • At present, the scheme has been executed in Mail/ Express & Superfast trains in India.
  • As per the rules, when a Viklap passenger will get an alternate seat than the journey modifications will not be applied.
  • In this case, the passengers will have not to bear extra charge or any refund is provided for difference of fare.
  • This facility is being extended to the Delhi-Howrah, Delhi-Mumbai, Delhi-Chennai, Delhi-Bangalore and Delhi-Sekanderabad routes.

The Main Objective of the scheme:

The main objective of the scheme is to provide fixed or confirmed tickets to the passengers who get waiting list tickets. If passengers have waiting list ticket, the Indian Railway will provide confirmed ticket in alternative trains on the same route for a smoother and hassle-free travel of the passengers.

How to Get Confirmed Ticket under Vikalp Scheme:

Currently, this scheme is available in online ticket booking.

  • Log on to IRCTC website.
  • Choose “Vikalp” option while booking itself.
  • After pop up appears for terms and conditions check and go forward.
  • Fill in the details and get your Vikalp Ticket done.

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