Ideal destinations to visit in Bihar that should be in your travel list

Ideal destinations to visit in Bihar that should be in your travel list

Bihar is a state considered to be a part of Eastern as well Northern India. This 13th largest state of India and 3rd largest by population, it is contiguous with Uttar Pradesh, Nepal, Bengal, and Jharkhand.

In ancient times, Bihar was considered for power, learning, and culture. The state owns the pride of establishing one among the first democracies in the world called Lichhavi. The earliest university in the world was set up in Bihar. The name Bihar is a derivative from Vihara, which means ‘monastery.’ True to its name and its rich cultural heritage, the state houses various monasteries and famous for monuments belonging to different religions. The major empires of India rose to great heights here, and they succumbed here as well.

It houses few of the cities to explore for tourists so far.



Nalanda represents a rich ancient legacy of knowledge in Bihar. Founded in the 5th Century AD, Nalanda constitutes the oldest university in the region. From Patna, one has to cover around 90 km distance to reach here. Buddha used to visit this place occasionally. Hieun Tsang stayed here in the 7th century AD, and he is the one who created the atmosphere for further studies in the region. He is the one who established the excellence of education system and practicing of monastic life. This, in turn, gave a chance to build up Ancient University, Nalanda University Ruins Archeological Complex, and Nalanda Archeological Museum for everyone.



If you wish to experience the vibrations of enlightenment and spirituality, Bodhgaya is a perfect place meant for you. This place is one of the most visited destinations in the world for the peace lovers. As India is a land of sages, gurus, and heightened divinity, Bodhgaya becomes even more important for those in quest of unearthing spiritual roots.

It is here a prince raised his consciousness and became Mahatma. Bodhgaya is located in the central part of Bihar near the Niranjana River, which is around 13 km from the Gaya town. Mahabodhi Temple & its ancient architecture, The Bodhi Tree, Great Buddha Statue, Dungeswari Caves, Bodhi Sarovar, and Chankaramana are some of the great places to visit here.


Ahokan Pillar, Vaishali,Bihar

Vaishali is one such location in Bihar that might seem ordinary but going little close to it will make you realize its rich ancient historical legacy. It looks like a regular place covered with lush green mango and banana trees, but excavations reveal its impressive past. They elaborate the scenes of King Vishal who ruled once here with his might and power.

It is this place, which remained once the centre for trade and industry. Lord Buddha also visited this place occasionally. One can witness on the outskirts of Vaishali, the presence of grand double storied Buddhist monastery. Apart from all locations namely Ashokan Pillar, Bawan Pokhar Temple, Budha Stupas, Raja Vishal’s Garh, and Kundanlpur are the places to explore here.



Kushinagar, situated against a pastoral landscape, is approximately 53 km west of Gorakhpur. Famous because of its affiliations with Budha’s cremation. It is the place where Buddha finally got rid of this birth-death cycle, which is synonymous to Liberation in Hindu religious philosophy.

This place is also known to carry Bihar’s rich ancient legacy. The profound today is known for its broad analogies drawn to consolidating international Buddhism all over the world. Nirvana Temple, Rambhar Stupa, Mata Kaur Shrine, and Japanese Temple are some of the places to visit here.



Pawapuri is also known as Apapuri located 38 km from Rajgir and 90 km from Patna. This is the place where Lord Mahavira achieved Moksha or Nirvana (Salvation from the endless cycle of life and death). He was cremated at Pawapuri, (“the sinless town”). There was a great rush to collect his ashes, with the result that so much soil was removed from the place of his cremation because of which Jalmandir and Samoahram were created.



Rajgir is located near Nalanda and is just 15 km away from it. Rajgir is among the few top most visited destinations of India. The place is surrounded by lush green environment and is the most beautiful locations in India. The place is famous for its close affiliations to Lord Buddha, who walked in this area and taught the basic tenets to attain enlightenment. Just to name a few there are some places namely Jarashand ka Akhara, Jivakameavan Gardens, Ajatshatru Fort, Cyclopean Wall, Shanti Stupa, Venu Vana, Sonbhandar Caves, Karanda Tank, Bimbisar Jail, Veerayatan, Jain Temple, Chariot Route Marks, Hot Springs, Pippala Cave, and Swarn Bhandar to visit for tourists.



The capital city of Bihar, Patna has emerged as one of the most sought tourist places present here. Located in the southern parts of the Ganga river, the site offers rich historical legacy coupled with myriad ways of enjoyment.

Acting as a spot for art and culture, the city flaunts its historic charm and provides ample of opportunities to its travelers coming here from all over the world. Hanuman Mandir, Takht Shri Harmandir Saheb, Kumhrar, Golghar, Patna Museum (Jadu Ghar), State Secretariat Building, Patna Planetarium, and Qila House are the leading attractions to visit here in Patna.

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