Hunar Vikas Yojana: Complete details of the scheme

Hunar Vikas Yojana: Complete details of the scheme

The younger generations need guidance in order to become independent and live a good life. The Hunar Vikas Yojna is a scheme which aspires to develop the skills of the new generation in order to make them an independent human being.

Under the scheme:

  • Under this scheme, the State is providing skill development programs for the children 17 years to 21 years.
  • It is to help prepare these young adults to sustain themselves during the transition from institutional to independent life.
  • The scheme “Mukhya Mantri Hunar Vikas Yojana” was started in 2011-12 as a higher skill development program to recipients of Palanhar Yojana and children staying in Institutional Home (Government and Non-Government running Institutional Home).
  • Under this scheme, vocational and skill building program are provided through Rajasthan Mission on Livelihood (RMol) and also provide financial assistance for higher education to young children.

What is Palanhar Scheme?

Rajasthan’s State Social Welfare Department came up with a scheme to provide a family atmosphere to growing orphans who are living in state-run orphanages. This scheme aims to build a foster home for orphans who have lost their families in some accidents or unfortunate situations. According to the scheme, interested families, barren couples or relatives of orphaned children will be encouraged to take the responsibility of raising these children.

Since the scheme of keeping orphans in state-run orphanages has not proved very successful, the social welfare department has decided to introduce the new scheme. According to social welfare minister Madan Dilawar, each family which takes the responsibility or raising a child would be given Rs 675 per month and an additional Rs 2,000 every year. This incentive is expected to encourage the families who are willing to raise children but do not take the responsibility for financial reasons, the minister said.

Objectives of Hunar Vikas Yojana

The objective of this scheme is to let the young generation to familiarize themselves to the society they live in. This scheme also encourages them to move away from institution based life. This scheme is an important final stage in the range of care, as it ensures smooth rehabilitation and reintegration of a child in need of care and protection/conflict with the law as she/he steps into adulthood.

This is especially required if a child has gone through a long period of institutionalization, which is likely to result in the lack of social adjustment.

The objectives are listed as follows:

  • Hunar Vikas Yojana aims to make orphans self-reliable.
  • Hunar Vikas Yojana aims to make the youth of the country confident and responsible citizen.
  • To enable young adults to adapt themselves to the society.
  • To encourage them to move away from institution based life.
  • Poor children who are deprived of higher education. This Yojana mission to improve their talent and take it out.
  • To encourage the youth and give them proper direction towards their future.
  • To improve the situation of orphan children.
  • This Yojana mission to make state’s youth independent.


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