How to Transfer Balance from one BSNL Mobile to Another?

Bhartiya Sanchar Nigam Limited is an Indian state-owned telecommunications company with its headquarters in Delhi. It is the largest provider of fixed telephony and broadband services with more than 60% market share and sixth largest mobile telephony provider in India. BSNL offers value-added services, such as Free Phone Service (FPH), India Telephone Card (Prepaid card), Account Card Calling (ACC), Virtual Private Network (VPN), Tele-voting, Premium Rate Service (PRM), Universal Access Number (UAN). BSNL also offers the IPTV which enables customers to watch television on the internet and Voice and Video over Internet Protocol (VVoIP).

How to transfer the balance?

Bhartiya Sanchar Nigam Limited i.e. BSNL is providing the facility of talk time balance transfer limiting only to prepaid mobile phones. The transfer is applicable from one GSM BSNL mobile to another GSM prepaid mobile only. It is not applicable for post-paid mobile phones. Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that the source mobile owner and destination owner must be in the same circle.

The transfer process is explained below with the help of an example.

A person with the number 9887261084 wishes to send talk time of Rs. 200 to his friend with the number 9413012468. Then type the message as mentioned and send it as an SMS to 54456.

Gift 9413012468 200pwd

The transferee can transfer the amount between 10 to 200 and the amount which is to be transferred should be a multiple of 10 i.e. 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on till 200. The maximum transfer amount is Rs. 200.

A service charge of this transfer is 10% of talk value to be transferred. BSNL allows only 5 transfers per month from the same mobile.

Same circle transfer only possible and for example, you cannot transfer from BSNL Kerala GSM mobile to BSNL Karnataka region GSM BSNL mobile.

Some Other BSNL Services USSD Codes

  1. BSNL Andaman & Nicobar Customer Care 9434024365
  2. BSNL Andhra Pradesh Customer Care 9440024365
  3. BSNL Assam Customer Care 9435024365
  4. BSNL Bihar Customer Care 9431024365/9431224365
  5. BSNL Chhattisgarh Customer Care 9425201234/9425201041
  6. BSNL Chennai Customer Care 9444024365
  7. BSNL Goa Customer Care 9444024365
  8. BSNL Gujarat Customer Care 9426024365
  9. BSNL Haryana Customer Care 9416024365
  10. BSNL Himachal Pradesh Customer Care 9418024365
  11. BSNL Jammu Kashmir Customer Care 9419024365
  12. BSNL Jharkhand Customer Care 9431124365
  13. BSNL Karnataka Customer Care 9448024365
  14. BSNL Kerala Customer Care 9447024365
  15. BSNL Kolkata Customer Care 9433024365
  16. BSNL Madhya Pradesh Customer care 9425024365/9425124365
  17. BSNL Maharashtra Customer Care 9422024365 /9422124365
  18. BSNL Orissa Customer Care 9437024365
  19. BSNL Punjab Customer Care 9417024365
  20. BSNL Rajasthan Customer Care 9414024365
  21. BSNL Sikkim Customer Care 9434024365
  22. BSNL Tamil Nadu Customer Care9443024365/9444024365
  23. BSNL Uttar Pradesh East Customer Care 9415024365
  24. BSNL Uttar Pradesh West Customer Care 9412024365
  25. BSNL West Bengal Customer Care 9434024365


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